15 Foods That are Tooth Pain Triggers

We all have faced toothaches some or the other time in our past. The pain may even persist to the date. Although we straightaway ignore them after it gets better, it is important to understand the triggers of tooth pain. There are certain foods that are such that eating them can cause harm to the teeth since they directly affect the dental system. This article intends to make you aware of the foods that are responsible for causing tooth pain upon consumption so that you avoid them to ensure your teeth remain strong.

Foods That are Tooth Pain Triggers –

Ice creams – 

Not only are ice creams extremely cold in nature, they majorly consist of sugar. Teeth are sensitive to coldness and sugar. As they both are tooth pain triggers, consuming them simultaneously can even cause the enamel layer to erode in the long run. 

Tomatoes – 

Although tomatoes are great sources of vitamins, minerals and a number of other nutrients, they are acidic in nature. High in citric acid content, tomatoes can trigger tooth sensitivity and can eventually cause an ache in the teeth.

Dried Fruits – 

Dried fruits such as raisins, dried apricots and dates are considered to be healthy due to their high nutrition density. However, these are also high in sugar content. The high sugar content, thus, enables the plaque bacteria to grow in the teeth. This leads to the onset of a toothache. 

Coffee – 

Drinking something hot can also have an effect on the sensitivity of the teeth. Hence, hot coffee apart from being extremely hot, it also contains the sweeteners, which thereby collude to cause the teeth to suffer pain. Addition of milk in the coffee is a good option as it is known to reduce the acidic content of the coffee and lower its temperature. 

Vinegar – 

As it is evident that vinegar is made up of acids, it can bind to the teeth to cause agony in the teeth. In order to utilize vinegar aptly if you intend to avoid consuming it, store it in small media bottles and use it to cleanse your hair and skin of the radicals and dirt.

Wine – 

Alcohol consumption reduces the saliva production in the mouth which causes the sugar to stick harder to the teeth. Hence, limit the consumption of wine to avoid tooth pains.

Candies – 

Candies, especially the hard ones, are not only high in sugar but can also chip the teeth if tried to be chewed. The layer below the enamel, called the dentin, gets affected by the sugar to the extent that it triggers instant pain in the teeth. Hence, avoid candies for strong and healthy teeth in the long run.

Apples – 

On one hand, apples are one of the most nutritious fruits, but on the other, they have high acidic content. This causes the enamel to suffer erosion, thereby causing pain in the teeth.

Pickles – 

The ingredients of pickles include vinegar, highly acidic in nature and sugar. Thus, pickles are rich in 2 of the inputs that can damage the teeth and cause their weakness. It is best to drink a little water after eating pickles in order to clean the teeth and remove the acid from them. 

Citrus Fruits – 

Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are highly acidic in nature. This acid is known to enhance the teeth sensitivity by directly wearing off the enamel. Therefore, both eating them raw and their juices can trigger tooth pain and sensitivity. In case you intend to avoid consuming lemons, you can use them to apply on your skin for removing dirt and ensuring waste management

Potato Chips – 

The addictive potato chips get stuck in the teeth easily, thereby enhancing the production of harmful bacteria in the teeth. They are also laced with high amounts of preservatives that lead to acid production in teeth, consequently causing extreme pain.

Chocolates – 

Chocolates bought from the market have higher sweeteners than the cocoa. Therefore, it is best to skip consuming them for healthy teeth. If you just can’t give up on chocolates, go for dark chocolates.

White Bread – 

Made up of refined wheat, white bread is loaded with sugars that stick to the teeth and provide the breeding ground for the proliferation of bacteria. Avoid them and witness your teeth sensitivities go away.

Packed Juices – 

Packed juices have a very high sugar content. As sugar causes harm to the teeth from within, packed fruit juices should be avoided in order to ensure their strength.

Milk – 

High in acidic content, milk can also trigger pain in your teeth. If you lately have been consuming good amounts of milk and experiencing pain, you now know the reason.

Although dental procedures have become quite convenient these days, thanks to dental sedation, still keeping a check on what we eat can reduce the visits to the dentist drastically. Everything had in moderation is not a cause for concern. It is when you consume these foods in excess that they can be harmful to the teeth. Hence, avoid the above-mentioned foods as much as you can in order to strengthen your teeth from the root and avoid pains and aches.

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