6 Effective Dusting Tips that You Must Know

For sure, you won’t ever banish dust bunnies for good. We don’t realize, but the air around us has too much of the dust, allergens and other particles. Neither you see them not can hide them. But for obvious reasons, it can have the negative impact on your health. 

Honestly, dusting isn’t a difficult chore. For many, it’s as good as a moment of satisfaction when they find a surface clean that was previously covered with a layer of dust before dusting. All you need is that right tools and techniques. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few important ones. So let’s dive in;

Dealing with ceiling fans & light fixtures 

The best way to deal with this cleaning is using a bendable duster. Mostly, you don’t need a ladder, but if the ceiling is high, you might consider using a ladder too. That duster can be bent to suit any light configuration, and you can also remove the cover & machine wash.

Cleaning Corners and door frames 

In most of the corners and door frames, you’ll come across tons of spider webs & dust.  Mostly, people ignore this area, but here’s the easiest way to clean it. Pick a mop pole & old sock. Flip it inside out & place over the end mop pole.  This turns out to be an amazing high-duster. Instead of the sock, you can also consider using the microfiber cloth tied around the pole with an elastic band.


People are really curious about it. Most of them are like whether it’s necessary to dust walls or not. Cleaning experts don’t personally dust walls but if you think it’s something you should do, just go for it. Grab a flat head mop and use a Microfiber cloth sprayed with a bit of water.  Work this up & down using a ‘W’ pattern to save time as well as energy. Make sure that you cover the entire space.

Bathroom Vents 

Admit it! Your bathroom vents are super dusty. In fact, they run for a long time and also suck up so much dust.  To clean it, just make sure that you use a vacuum with brush attachment as it would be of great help in sucking up the dust.


The Baseboards will be dealt the same way we did to dust corners and door frames. Ensure to use the mop pole with a cloth or old sock attached to it. It’s better if it’s sprayed lightly.  No need to bend down here. Since you are dealing with the surface at the bottom, this is so much easier allowing you to access difficult areas like behind furniture, etc.

Delicate items 

As per the expert at reputable Dubai cleaning company, you must be very careful when dealing with the delicate items. It can be anything like antique pieces, ornaments, silk flowers or maybe even small delicate trinkets. All you need to do is lightly mist a small paintbrush & use that to do the detailed dusting.

Summary – 

Do you want to learn more about the effective dusting tips? Just check out the article now.

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