7 Reasons Why Quantity Surveyor is the Most Exciting Career Path for You

Construction industry is one of the lucrative fields in the world and Quantity Surveyor (QS) is one of its diverse careers. The Quantity Surveying job is the foundation of any construction projects, thus it play a vital role in completing all the projects.

Quantity Surveyor is involved from the beginning of the construction project until the end. Their job is in demand given all the construction projects around the world. They provide estimates of the project and profitability reports, keeping tab on any variation in costs all the way. Bottom line, their job is to offer the best value for money for a high-quality and regulated construction projects.

The question here is why you should choose this career over the popular ones like medicines and law? Read them below:

You will obtain strategic responsibility

Why quantity surveying is an exciting career path? It’s because it offers strategic aspect of the work, challenging yet fulfilling. The job responsibilities are not only focused on measuring up the construction site and producing an estimated price of the project, but also it includes the strategic methods to make the overall project cheaper for the client. The strategic responsibilities comprise of preparing tenders, crafting an efficient economic plan, and developing a building method that ensuring high quality of all work performed on the site.

You will experience diversity – 

This is also the reason why this career sounds exciting in both theory and application. Project diversity means there are no two projects similar to each other. Each quantity surveyor is able to face different work challenges in terms of calculating the overall project coast and measuring the project site. If a QS works as an independent contractor, his or her employees will change each project, bringing a new way to conduct a project and diversity with people.

You can travel as professional QS – 

As QS, your work is mostly done on the site, avoiding the boring office. And travel is always part of the job. As Quantity Surveyor, it’s your responsibility to look out for all the stages of the management and construction project.

You will experience frequent people interaction – 

QS works closely with clients and employees for the project. It’s a way of getting the job done easy, fast, effectively, and cheap. As QS, you’re a part of a team even if you function as manager. You also work closely with the team of employees that actually do the construction stage. You will also responsible for updating the client about the project progress, costs, needs, and quality of work.

You will get more training – 

It’s easier to secure a role as an apprentice QS because it doesn’t take too long and too much to become one. One of the best steps to be a quantity surveyor, get a bachelor’s degree and it would take only one year to become a fully-fledged Quantity Surveyor and work into the field right away. Because of the diversity of this industry, you can continue doing the on-the-job training through your career while experiencing progress on your abilities, getting it from various directions in the QS field.

You will get positive outlook and career development – 

Because the QS field is so diverse, it becomes an ideal platform to get the career advancement and development you want. Quantity Surveyor career is filled with potential other branches of construction roles including development management and project management. Your future is looking so bright because the construction industry has wide arrange of projects and infrastructures need.

You will be in a diverse market-

Construction industry is considered as a diverse and fast-paced field, offering wide range of job opportunities for QS. Job opportunities include large-scale infrastructure projects, residential projects, and urban development such as attractions and rail and road projects. Moreover, a QS has the ability to choose an office-based job or work on site with contractors.

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