Today, mobile phones and computers are very common devices that are used by most people. If you use mobile phones, computers,  modems, routers, etc, you have heard about the adapter. Many times we want to use a physical device with another device, but due to their difference, we can not use them. Adapters are used to get rid of these specific problems.

Adapters are the gadgets that help to connect two electrical or electronic devices that are of different sizes and types. With the help of adapters, we can make two different physical devices compatible. They are responsible for the security, accuracy, quality, and durability of electronic components. An adapter takes one sort of voltage and converts it to another voltage (frequently lower) (where in the process they convert it from AC to DC). An adapter consistently joins two such devices that are not normally viable with one another. This makes them viable to connect.

Types of Adapter

Travel Adapters

Travel adapters sometimes also called travel plug simply help users to power up their electronic devices and appliances instead of converting the electricity or voltage. The electrical socket system of one country varies from the other. This is a very common problem for travelers who travel from country to country. In such places, a travel adapter is very useful. With the help of these adapters, travelers can easily charge their electronic gadgets.

AC to DC Adapters

An AC to DC adapter is the most common type of adapter used for household use. This adapter converts electricity from household mains voltage to low-voltage DC suitable for household devices.

Computer Adapters

All the computers have a host controller that connects a computer to different devices such as, input devices, output devices, storage devices, networking devices, etc. Some of the computer adapters are defined below:

Audio and Video adapters

Audio and Video adapters adjust one sort of interface to another kind of connector. With the goal that different types of video and sound interfaces can be compatible.


HDMI represents High Definition Multimedia Interface is a long, flat connector comprising of 19 pins. It sends uncompressed video across the cable and coordinates sound and video signals into a solitary connector. It is present on all new HDTVs and PC screens.


VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. These adapters are normally 15-pin cables that communicate just video signals. There are discrete data as per shading like reds, greens, blues, just as flat and vertical situating. VGA is often found in PC screens.

Now, we know about an adapter. Like gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc, a modem and a router for WiFi also need an adapter. These devices need an adapter to get power and for charging. We at energy intelligence have a wide range of adapters for different devices. These adapters are secure, good quality, and cheap. If you use a 9V router/modem, we have a 9V adapter and if you use a 12 V router/modem, we have a 12V adapter for that.

We also have a single adapter for both 9V and 12V adapters. Apart from these adapters, we also have a 12V Dual device adapter kit for 12V mini UPS, power barrel converter cable pair, power barrel converter tip, etc. You can see the products and select them according to your requirements.

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