3 Best Doctor for Cancer in India

Path-breaking Hospitals offering state-of-the-art Cancer treatments in India

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases as it is life threatening. Until a few decades, it was considered as fatal owing to lack of treatments. But with the passage of time and advent of technology in the Medical arena, Hospitals are equipped with cutting edge technology and world class services. Cancer is no more a fatal disease and can be prevented and cured depending on the stage it got detected.

The disease:

It is a disease with an abnormal growth of cells which may or may not spread to other parts.

In some cases, people do not have any apparent signs or symptoms of cancer which leads to progressing it into next stage while in other cases, because of ignorance people fail to recognize the probable symptoms of cancer which causes a delay in treatment. There are 100 different types of cancer which can affect various organs of the body. From the many types of cancer, certain cancers are not dangerous and do not spread to other parts of the body.


Symptoms of cancer generally include abnormal bleeding from any part of the body as well as lump formation in the body. The lump might not be visible but can be felt upon touching. Abnormal weight loss can also be a sign of cancer. Change in Bowel movement and sore throat are also symptoms of cancer. Difficulty in swallowing and indigestion along with growing wart/mole can also be a sign of cancer. Pain in bones, consistent fatigue, recurring fever, and infection are also some of the common symptoms of cancer. The symptoms generally depend on the type of cancer. Also, patients might feel one or more than one symptoms of cancer over a period.

Treatments for Cancer:

Cancer treatment basically depends on the type and the stage of cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, Radiations and Immunotherapy are some of the common and effective treatments for cancer. The treatment for this disease is not the same for every patient, it is decided by the overall health of the patient as well as the stage of cancer. The treatment for cancer is never done by a single doctor but a comprehensive penal of doctors which look on various aspects of treatment.

Types of cancer:

  • Carcinoma

Cancer, in this case, begins with skin and spreads in lungs, ovarian cancers, colon, and pancreas along with papilloma, adenomas and squamous.

  • Sarcoma

Cancer begins with bone and spreads over the muscle, blood vessels, cartilage and fat along with liposarcoma and rhabdosarcoma.

  • Leukemia

Leukemia starts with blood-forming tissues like bone marrow and causes huge abnormal blood cells which enter the blood.

  • Lymphoma

Cancer begins in cells of immune system.

  • Central nervous system cancers

Cancer develops in tissues of spinal cord and brain in the form of tumors.

In India, one can find the best treatment for any type of cancer. Best Doctors for Cancer in India can be found in many well-known Hospitals which deal in the treatment of cancer. There are dedicated departments which offer comprehensive treatment with an experienced team of doctors along with the latest technology and impeccable services.

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