5 Secrets that your car mechanic don’t want you to know

Naveed Ganatra

We all need our cars every day to be running smoothly so that we can easily keep up with our daily stuff like driving to the office, shopping, drive the kids to school and taking summer road trips etc. For sure, it’s stressful to have a car that’s broken down and not getting the proper service. Due to which, you end up visiting the mechanic to get things fixed. But you didn’t know that there’re a few secrets that your mechanic won’t tell you. So let’s dive in;

Scare Tactics

In case you take your car to the mechanic for what seems like a minor problem, it’s likely you will listen to their advice. Since they are the mechanics, “they know cars better than you”. If you talk to a mechanic who tells you that they wouldn’t drive another mile in your vehicle, the chances are that’s a scare tactic. Your car might need work however it’s unlikely that it’s as serious as they want you to think. They just want your business.

Check for Certifications

It’s imperative that you check for certification before letting a mechanic work on your car. Most states require mechanics to have a license to make automobile repairs. Before hiring a mechanic, you need to look for more than that. Try working with a mechanic who holds a National Institute for automotive service excellence certification or maybe an American Automobile Association certification. If you’re working with a reputable shop, these certifications will likely be proudly displayed on the wall to showcase the best car mechanic Dubai.

Ask Questions First

Before hiring a mechanic, you must ask questions. This isn’t something that most mechanics want you to know because the time it takes to speak to you & costs them money. Before letting them look under your hood, you should find out about their experience, certification, licenses and the type of warranties they offer. The more questions you come up with, the more confident you can be that the person working on your vehicle is legit.

Never Sign a Blank Authorization Form

Some mechanics will ask you to fill out a blank authorization form when you drop off your car. This form allows them to fix any issues they find. Never sign this. Instead, you should always get a work order with the specific repairs that will need to be made along with a specific estimate. The order should also include any warranties on the work. In case you give your mechanic carte Blanche to repair whatever they want, you could end up with a bill you can’t afford.

Scan Tool

Just check if your mechanic has the scan tool and an engine analyzer. If you take your car to the mechanic for engine trouble, make sure they have an engine analyzer and a scan tool. If the mechanic tells you that they don’t need any fancy equipment to repair your car, find another mechanic. A good mechanic knows that this type of special equipment is necessary for proper engine repair, especially on more modern vehicles.


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