5 Self-Care Reminders on The Path to Recovery

It’s difficult to live a life knowing you hate yourself. It’s a struggle to have your mind stay stuck in a crossfire with your body. Your body continues to live its life – pump blood, eat, sleep and do the things you’re expected to do like bathe. When your mind is against it, it becomes difficult to function normally.

For one, it becomes difficult to make decisions. There will come a time when you have to rely on other people to pick the best option for you. It’s possible that you feel like an inconvenience to other people because you will need them at all times. The unhealthy cycle can be a manifestation of highly-stressful events.

It’s important to remind yourself to take breaks and choose the best options to feel better when moving forward. These reminders are basic and essential to everyday living. It will make you go “duh” because you already know it. But, having clouded thoughts and being surrounded by darkness and negativity can make you for neglect yourself.

  1. Choose the people who are right for you.

There’s a huge difference between people who are good to you and the people who will help you feel better. When people who are supposed to be good for you (like your parents or a best friend) passed away, you will need help from a psychic Philippines or those in your area. You need to close the gap and learn to make yourself a good example for yourself.

Once you understand your value, you will understand how the quality of relationships you have with other people affects your perception of life.

  1. Allow yourself to say no to things you don’t enjoy.

Peer pressure can make you submit to activities and choices that are against your beliefs, values, and thoughts. It’s exhausting to follow the crowd in fear of going against the grain. Therefore, lighten your load.

Each time you feel pressured to say yes, take a deep breath. Politely turn down the offer or just say you don’t want to partake in it. It’s uncomfortable at first, and you will find yourself wanting to take it back. When that happens, leave the scene.

  1. Take an active part in making yourself feel better.

Uplifting your mood is both a mental and physical engagement. Other parts of the body can cope twice as fast as the mind but it can vary from person to person. The body may be free of sickness and ailment, but the brain can have struggles hidden in plain sight. If that’s the case, be your number 1 supporter.

It’s a challenge to do this especially if you were conditioned to think that you don’t matter, or you were raised to put others before you. Remember that you are a person like everyone else struggling or drowning in misery. Like them, you deserve to put yourself first.

  1. Drink water.

If you’re feeling sad, take a sip. If you feel like breaking down, calm yourself and chug a glass of water. Keeping yourself hydrated nourishes the cells in your body. It gives them the energy to perform their functions. Moreover, it gets rid of the wastes in your body. Getting enough fluids keeps the body healthy which can contribute to a better well-being.

  1. Try not to miss a meal.

Skipping meals is not an option when you’re in recovery. If you are on medication, it’s essential to get your fill each meal time. Some people think that skipping a meal won’t make a difference, but it does. Running on an empty stomach can increase insulin levels which can raise blood pressure.

Continuously eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner will help you make better decisions and keep you from incurring damage to other body organs.

All of these reminders are helpful to everyone, even those who aren’t recovering from mental illness. Having a bad day or getting your heart broken is enough to throw you off from your usual cheerful self. If you are struggling for a while now, tell yourself you can get through it. Try to recall these reminders and do them. Enable yourself to feel better as recovery starts with you.





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