A kitchen countertop caters to multiple utilities. It acts as a stage on which you would put your key appliances. You would use it for preparing the dishes and assembling the different fixings and a whole range of tasks related to cooking as well as serving. In this manner, a kitchen marble top in uae needs to be perfect. It should be durable, should be anything but difficult to clean and keep up, must not destroy or be inclined to dust and stains. Additionally, the kitchen countertop should look wonderful if not interesting.

There are a couple of basic materials which are generally utilized for kitchen countertops, to be specific marble, granite, laminate, silestone, stainless steel, soapstone, concrete and butcher piece among others. Here we take a gander at the points of interest and detriments of a portion of the materials utilized for kitchen countertops.


Granite looks awesome; it is tasteful, durable and resistive to blade scratches, general wear and tear and in addition warm. The negatives include its cost and the way that you need to seal the surface over and again to avoid accumulation of stains. Additionally, the basic cabinets if any must be sufficiently solid to withstand the weight of granite. Nonetheless, granite is widely used in light of its strength and life span.


Marble is elegant. It is cool and the texture of the surface takes into consideration arrangement of a wide range of dishes. On the flip side, marble can be easily stained and it is as expensive as granite. Be that as it may, the presence of kitchen marble tops in uae and its utility as well as durability convince most homeowners holders to put it all on the line. Marble is normally found in higher-end homes.

Silestone / Quartz

Silestone arrives in a wide variety of colors and designs. While quartz is the most dominant component, the building and processing allows into account horde outlines and colors. Silestone is somewhat less expensive than granite and marble however is similarly durable. Inferable from its varieties in style, many families run with silestone. A blend of marble or granite in a few ranges and silestone in alternate places over the kitchen countertop is also quite common.

Other Materials

Laminate is very affordable but not exceptionally durable. It is inclined to scratching and getting scorched. It is also vulnerable to moisture and other normal reasons for wear and tear. Stainless steel doesn’t look elegant although high review kitchen countertop made of it can be extremely tough and utilitarian. Cement and tiles are not exceptionally well known decisions for kitchen countertops.

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