Feel Productions is one of the leading Video Production Companies in Dubai

Other corporate video production dubai companies will reveal to you they’re the best. That their sound, video, activity, timelapse, occasion scope and safety production services will meet your desire. That their administrations will drive your success.

Timelpase Video Production

Multi-million dollars are invested in development projects. Catch every single snapshot of your development with our brilliant Time-pass Video systems.

Be it extreme hot or cold, our specific sun oriented fueled HD camera framework and our prepared team works resolutely to catch and supply top- quality recordings and Hi-Res pictures each fortnight.

Corporate Video Production

We are the most reputed go-to corporate video production  company in Dubai and whatever remains of UAE. We create superb corporate videos that represent themselves. We say it in the language of strategic video. Land, IT, human services, hospitality, training, manufacturing – whatever the area, sinewave pictures corporate recordings advise, draw in, inspire and energize.

Safety and Training Video Production

Today’s workers are from the digital age. It is important to communicate safety procedures in the most compelling and drawing in way.Sinewave pictures has mastered the art of communicating Safety Induction Video, Docu-Drama, Lessons Learnt Video, 2D/3D Animation, Training Videos, Incident
re-Enactment Videos, Management Messages and more. Our crew has been to 400+ on-shore and seaward oil and gas offices around the globe and has been overhauling eminent names since years.

3D/2D Animation VideoIDEO PRODUCTION

Providing better outline of safety regulations inside the work environment builds worker mindfulness on safety precaution.  Produces mind boggling and detailed animations that realistic visualization exhibiting the significance of a protected workplace.


At  once in a while, we get a kick out of the chance to express the self-evident. So here we go: we apply the same drive for perfection to sound creations from we do to our video preparations. We trust that in the event that you make something, it should be beneficial for individuals to listen. Our audio productions set a standard that most different companies follow.

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