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Being Filipino: The Four Top Filipino Pastimes and Hobbies

“Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.” -Unknown Author

What do Filipinos love to do? If you are planning a trip to the Philippines anytime soon, it would be a good idea to have a background as to what the locals do during their downtime. One definitive characteristic that is truly Filipino in nature is the penchant for spending time with families and friends. This includes doing a myriad of recreational activities that include them—from strolling in their favorite spots such as Solaire and malls to enjoying a beach day with them. Apart from this, what are hobbies and activities that Filipinos enjoy? Well, take a gander at the list below to find out:

1.) Belting out tunes in a karaoke bar

Filipinos are big on Karaoke. Just visit any city in the Philippines, and you will see an array of karaoke bars—from the nondescript ones lining up in almost every street and alley to the more sophisticated ones located in malls or hangout areas. To Filipinos, you do not necessarily need to possess a good voice just to belt out a song. As long as you have the confidence to do it, you are ready to go. This has been a hobby among the locals ever since and it has been made even more popular because of the media. Today, it is a much loved and popular hobby among the locals who choose this pastime during many gatherings, night outs with friends and reunions.

2.) Social Media Networking

It has been shown that the Philippines is one of the countries with the most social media users—with netizens logged into Facebook almost the entire day. Since the advent of social media, Filipinos have found ingenious ways to make use of it—from spreading the news to creating their own memes. In fact, Filipinos of all ages have been shown to be big users of the social media trifecta: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is because social media is not only a great alternative purveyor for the latest news and updates, it allows them to play games and connect with friends and family members from all over the globe as well.

3.) Eating out

Filipinos love to eat. So much so that most of their gatherings would involve in partaking a meal or two. More often than not, most Filipinos—especially the social media savvy ones are keen in eating at newly opened restaurants as advertised on social media. For this reason, most restaurants would thrive—depending on their service and the quality of food they serve. Sharing a meal with friends and family provides Filipinos an avenue for capping off the day with a good meal and basking in good conversations with the people who truly matter. It also allows them to catch up. In a way, it would effectively relieve the stress brought up by work, school and other factors.

4.) Watching Movies

Filipinos love watching the latest flicks. On a typical weekend, Filipinos usually spend their afternoons or evenings watching movies together with their families. It is also a great option for date nights. However, if the price may seem rather exorbitant, some would just stream the movies for free on the Internet and watch it online.

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