Five Things You Must Do in Planning a Debut

These are the pieces of my youth, the small secrets and the not-so-great expectations that defined my coming of age.” -Tablo

Turning eighteen is a pivotal moment in a Filipino girl’s life. It is symbolic of her transition from an ordinary girl into a blooming woman—a symbolic rite of passage if you may. Considering this is a milestone in a woman’s life that comes only once, it is considered as a special moment of their lives with some throwing a big and elaborate birthday bash to commemorate the event. However, an event as big as a debut party is not exactly easy to plan and put together and it certainly entails more than just assembling a menu for the debut. To assure you will have a memorable and splendid bash, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.) Know the number of guests

When throwing any kind of party at all, it would be crucial to know the number of guests attending. This is all the more true for a bash as elaborate and elegant as a debut party. Know who you want to invite so that you can appropriately plan a menu and a venue that would accommodate all of your guests. From there, you can begin listing down the people you want as roses, candles and treasures.

2.) Find a venue

The number of your guests would determine the kind of venue you should book which is why it is imperative you know how many people you would be inviting beforehand. If your house is big enough to house all of your guests, you can elect to have that as your venue to cut overall costs. However, if you need a larger venue, scout for function rooms that would offer debut packages. Additionally, ensure that your venue also has a kitchen, electrical outlets, bathrooms and adequate parking spaces for your guests.

3.) Make the invitations

Although you can opt to invite your guests digitally, there is more elegance and glamour in a physical and printed invitation. If you are pressed for time and cannot make the invitations yourself, have the company print them out and send them to your guests. Select an invitation template and design that fits the overall theme of your debut to give your guests a sneak preview of what they can expect on your big day.

4.) Plan the decorations

Months or weeks before your big day, you should have a visual of how your venue is going to look like the night of your event so you can plan your decorations appropriately. To make this easier, have a theme in mind and plan your decorations around the theme you have selected. Go with a theme you feel comfortable with—a debut does not have to be extensively elegant if a more casual setting is more of your speed. Choose a theme that reflects you and your personality—this is your debut after all.

5.) Choose the menu

It is highly recommended that you hire a caterer to prepare the food on your special day. Before choosing a caterer, make sure you have already sampled the food and created a menu you are going to serve to your guests.

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