How long does it take to heal from a Tragus piercing?

What is tragus piercing?

Piercing is becoming more and more trendy specifically in the last decade. Both genders love to pierce their eyebrows, noses, and navels. Many parts of the body can be used for piercing. Though piercing does not lead to any serious problem, it can take a certain amount of time to heal the wound. The amount of time it takes may vary from person to person. Every body piercing area possesses its healing period and its collection of potential issues. Natural home remedies can help you with that but sometimes when things do not turn out what it should be then you need to see a doctor. Originally, a body piercing or tragus piercing may cause a bit swollen. Besides, a small amount of blood might drain from the affected area as well.

 Tragus is the little cartilage that lies in front of the ear canal. Mostly, those are bold and adventurous will choose this piercing, however, nowadays, this kind of piercing is becoming more and more trendy. The tragus piercing is often carried out by a straight, hollow or curved small – gauge needle which shall be sterilized. To avoid health issues and infection after piercing, you should only have your tragus pierced by a qualified piercer as tragus piercing is a risky piercing. It is necessary to take extra cautions while having this type of piercing.

Does Tragus Piercing hurt?

Fortunately, unlike piercing in other parts of the body such as belly piercing or nose piercing, tragus piercing doesn’t cause many problems as it will lead to fewer nerves and less blood flows via it. Hence, you do not have to worry about experiencing immense pain while doing this type of piercing. Though you might feel a slight pinch which is similar to a pain of the cut, the pain is significantly negligible. At first, it might cause a bit bleeding and develop a sore, however, the injury will heal after a few days if you take care of it correctly. Moreover, it is highly recommended to keep the region clean and tidy to prevent infections.

What type of jewelry can be worn after doing tragus piercing?

The kind of jewelry that one might wear after doing tragus piercing relies on the pace where the pierced region gets healed. And it is necessary to acknowledge that one should not wear any funky artificial accessories or poor – quality earrings since it might cause adverse effects on the tragus.

It is highly recommended to wear those tragus piercings studs, rings, earrings or barbells that are made of sophisticated metals such as silver, gold, platinum or titanium. These metals are well – known to be not – corrosive, and they won’t cause harm to the ear. Besides, it is important that the jewelry should be in good condition and shouldn’t be so tight otherwise it might cause pain for you.




The most important thing to do to speed up the healing process of a tragus piercing is to follow tragus piercing aftercare adequately. For the first two months, you should pay high attention and take a good care of the tragus to attain the faster healing process of your tragus piercing. But the healing process may rely on the skin type which may either be dry or oily, the immune abilities of the body as well as metabolic disorders like diabetes where any wound or infection might take a long time to heal.

The area where tragus piercing has taken place should be kept clean and tidy by dipping a clean cotton swab in a saline solution or a disinfectant mixture and applying it to the pierced area. The combination should be used in a way to allow it seep into the pierced region. The tragus piercing jewelry should be twisted gently while you are applying the solution to have it taken effect. This cleaning process should be followed at least two times on a daily basis.

You should not have contact with the pierced area with dirty hands as it may cause viral infections and cause tragus piercing complications. In case, there is any irritation in the pierced area due to the tightness of jewelry of the dispose of the fluid from the afflicted region; you should change the jewelry or wipe off the liquid by a disinfectant solution or by an anti – bacterial soap.

During your sleep, you should be careful and try to lie on the clean bed, and you should lie on the other side of the affected ear. Besides, the pillow that you use to rest should be extremely clean and changed on a regular basis to prevent the infection. Vigilance is also necessary when it comes to sleeping as it can restrain oneself from having contact or itching in the affected ear.


The moment you are diagnosed with diseases, it means that your healing process has been delayed and it will lead to tragus piercing complications. Any further injury in the ear may cause it more vulnerable to infections. Therefore, once you have been diagnosed with ear infections, it is necessary to take extra care and attention to the wound. Besides, you should avoid swimming in the water in the swimming pools is chlorinated which might cause further harm to your ears. The infection may lead to the appearance of keloid or a boil which later on cause swollen tragus.

This issue might be treated by tea tree oil which should be mixed with lukewarm diluted water to increase the effectiveness of the solution. Moreover, you might change jewelry if necessary however it is not highly recommended to change it frequently. In case, the infection is severe, and you are required to change jewelry, you should consult a dermatologist.


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