Information sharing by Uber to help cities traffic

Uber, we have come across this word for real long time and even idiom has been created with this word. Whenever we want to travel places, there is an Uber available right at our disposal. It has been around 7 years now, since the time the organization has started in this venture. The way it has made itself popular is really tremendous and astounding, now they are available in around 450 cities worldwide.

It has a huge database with all the details of the different cities and the traffic congestions. The organization has planned to create a website, where they will be able to provide an outline on how their vehicles are traveling in and around the cities. If this becomes as a possibility then it would be of a great help to the traffic department of the respective cities.

They will be able to manage the complete traffic with the information of the grid, where the Uber vehicles are parked or ready for service. It is yet to launch this particular service for the authorities and make the traffic congestion less. In the past, the company had obligations on providing the information regarding the cabs around the city. It made a clear statement that the privacy of the riders may get scrutinized if they happen to share the data.

Most of the cities around the world, want to get an access to the information. They want to maintain a good traffic on the roads without any kind of congestion. The officials who work at the traffic control department want to get acquainted with the cab service providers. The number of people using Uber is on the rise and it is important there are able to provide a service, which will have less traffic congestion.

People would like to take a cab, to make sure that they reach their destination on time. They do not want to get delayed to their work or any other important work. Riders do not want to get stuck in the traffic; the traffic congestion keeps increase, as there are no actual details on how the traffic is monitored throughout the city. It is essential that if Uber is able to provide the information about the vehicles which are around the city.

Uber is expanding and the authorities want to know, how the cabs of Uber are moving around the city. There is always an Uber available in the city for people to travel to different places. The number of cabs on the roads is mostly belonging to Uber. It is available throughout the year and all through the day, so it is essential that information about the travel is required.

This world famous ride-hailing is now willing to finally provide the data for the rides which are made by the customers. It wants to maintain the confidentiality and privacy. If they happen to share the information, then there are possibilities that the traffic congestion would be reduced. They are in the process of creating a particular website, where they will be able to reveal the details of the cabs in the cities.

The officials wanted to have another set of information, the pickup and drop information of the riders as well. It means that they need to provide the information of from which points the riders are traveling and where will they get off. Uber does not want to provide this information, as it would directly have an impact on the privacy terms which the customer has with the organization.

It is important for the company to keep the privacy terms safe and secure. Only certain details regarding the cab service in the cities will be revealed to the authorities. They have designed and developed a website, which has been labeled as “Movement”. The company is planning to launch this particular website, which will reveal the most required information, which the traffic control units have been waiting for a long time now.

Recently, there was a presentation made, about the working of the website. It had the information about the way the traffic is flowing in the city of San Francisco. The analysis which was made showed the details about the rides and how long did they last on the whole. They have used shades of different colors, to show, how long the travel will last.

We need to consider a few cities, where the usage Uber is not as high as compared to the other cities. In this case, it was hard for the officials at Uber to be able to predict the travel time for the rides which is taking place. They are in the initial stages of this particular launch of the website. It needs time to include all the cities in the list and create an access to the gridlocks of the roads and it the congestions as well.

It is expected that, once the website is launched is up for use, it will gain popularity according to the requests which are made by the locals. If there is a need to know about the how the flow of traffic is happening in various locations of the city. Once the website is launched, the tests would be made on a small scale. Only a few cities will be taken into account and considered to get the analytics.

In the past, they had tried another scheme, where we can track the details of the travel. They implemented the idea of having a real-time map, where the tracking is done in the actual location. It will enable us to be able to get to know about the rides which are taking place in the given particular city. Unfortunately, the officials need to refrain back from this idea, as they received feedbacks from their customers in violation of the privacy terms.

The officials from other departments are glad about the fact that Uber has come forward to provide the details in regards to the travel time of their customers. It is good that Uber is able to realize the enormity in which the complete commuting system is getting affected. Now, it has made an initiative to make it better for the people from the urban cities.

On the other side, there are a few officials who are not happy and content with what they are receiving from Uber. They feel that the information which has been provided by them does not follow a steady pattern. It is also said that they do not maintain good practices with the cities norms. Will there be any kind of difference made, if there are changes in the way the roads are working? This is the question which needs an answer which is liable and effective as well.

There have been different ways in which the congestions have been regulated in different cities. In a few cities, the manufacturers made a request asking for people to share car rides, parking of the vehicles and even shuttle services as well. It is a fact that the traffic congestion did go down and the flow was smooth enough. Traffic control units were able to manage the complete system and make sure that the movement of vehicles was easy and hassle free. Once the website by Uber gets launched, we might hope for better movement of traffic. Let’s wait and see, the final outcome after the launch.

Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Dectar apps, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Taxi Dispatch Software. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development. Cabily is a clone of Uber, which developed by the tech gigs of his company.

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