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Style Up Wedding Décor Using Tubs & Buckets

In wedding décor, it’s all about being creative. Creativity doesn’t tend to certain limits and rules but it demands thinking out of the box and applying unusual ways to decorate the objects. You can use a simple object like a tub to decorate the venue in different ways. Such lovely objects will appear perfectly beautiful. You can easily decorate the venue with such simple things and fill the tubs and pails with flowers, ice, fruits, drinks, cocktails, champagne, designer wedding cards, sand, seashells for the beachside wedding venue. Whatever your wedding theme, color, centerpieces items you can create unique details to decorate the venue beautifully using such items.

Winter wedding : 

You can use metal tub full of wooden sticks and burn them all to protect you from the cold when the cool breezy winds put your soul to shiver in the outdoor area. The burning woods will give a mesmerizing appearance to your venue as well as provide a warm environment to save you from cold. It will work as a centerpiece too. If you have fireplace already then you will need something to store wood also. This copper theme will be best for the rustic and outdoor wedding.

Beachside wedding

Fill the tubs with sand and decorate the upper surface with seashells. You can use different sizes of tub to decorate the beach-side venue.

Bucket planter

Small tubs and buckets can also be used as flower planters and used to décor the walls with different colorful flowers. The flower planter will look amazing and eye catching. You can turn the water bucket into flower planters. The finished look of flower planters will enhance the appearance of your garden or outdoor.

Vintage wedding

Put the vintage chairs together and use it to hold the bucket flower planters to enhance the wedding entrance look.

Seating plan : 

Hold the seating chart in a tub filled with sand flowers and then surround it with colorful flower planters and wooden pallet with directions & unique quotes.

Floral arrangements : 

You can use tiny buckets decorated with flowers to décor the outdoor wedding area, wedding aisle or any event. you can paint it with green and plant green plants in it.

Cocktail & champagne

Instead of using table bar you can use tub filled with chilled drinks and ice to give your cocktail hour a unique look.

Christmas buckets

A zinc bucket filled with Christmas details can be a wonderful decoration centerpiece.

Fruit and flower centerpieces :

You can decorate the dining tables with tiny buckets decorated with fruits and flowers to give a natural look.

Wedding favors :

You can use buckets and tubs to hold the wedding essentials like flip-flops etc.

These ideas will decorate your wedding venue and attract guest’s attention toward unique decoration style.


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