Top Reasons to Renovate An Old Home Instead of Buying a New One

“Renovating old homes is not about making them look new…it is about making new unnecessary” -Ty Mcbride

If one has settled in a house for a significant amount of time, you begin to ask yourself questions: Should you buy a new house or renovate your old one? Humans as we are, we crave change, and in many instances, we thrive in it, so it is understandable that a change in the demeanor of our homes is not only desirable but necessary as well. Over time, this question would be prompted by the series of wear and tear a house goes through or perhaps, you just want to renew your interest in your existing one. Whatever may have spurred your reasons for wanting a new home, you should first consider that instead of buying a new one, you might want to just give your existing one a new look. Apart from it being relatively economical, renovating your current home offers you a unique avenue for exploring your creative capabilities and your eye for décor. In any case, whether your existing home is Solstice or elsewhere, here are the top reasons why you should just renovate your homes instead:

1.) Sales Potential

Regardless of whether you plan to live in your homes perpetually or only, for the time being, remodeling your homes raises its value and sales potential. One integral aspect of driving sales potential is the external appearance of your home. Considering this, it would be wise to install new and clean shutters, apply fresh paint, trim the lawn and have a beautiful landscape. Enhance your curb appeal and you would easily find buyers should you intend to sell.

2.) Your kids are not going anywhere

One of the compelling reasons why homeowners would choose to stay rather than scout for a new home is their kids. Their children might have forged friendships they would not want them to lose or perhaps the idea of their kids changing schools might be too much of a hassle. With this in mind, your family would probably be staying in the same area until your kids are all adults. So, do not put that remodeling project on hold, make your homes more suitable for the future now and start that project as early as you can. If financial constraints are holding you back, introduce renovation projects slowly and gradually and just work your way from there.

3.) Your home feels stale

After years of living in the same home, looking at the same set of furniture, the same kitchen and the same bedrooms may feel a little bit tedious that no amount of redecorating would break it out of its monotony. However, this is no reason to just simply forget about your existing one and buy yourself a new one. Instead, think of this as an opportunity to update your home. Your home is perfect just the way it is, but it needs just a bit of uplift. Change it up by painting your walls in a new color or introducing a new set of furniture in the living room. Both of these are excellent options for homeowners on a tight budget.

4.) It will inspire you to spend more time at home

Living and looking at the same old house may feel a little dull after quite a while that some of us would rather go out than stay in. Renovating your homes would be a great way to address this as even the smallest renovation projects can already bring a significant change in an old home. Doing some redecoration and renovation work in any area of your homes would instantly make the space feel like a new environment and would make you more receptive to spending more time there. Furthermore, introduce changes and renovations that would make your homes feel cozier and comfortable.

5.) Avoid the stress of buying a new home

Scouting for a new home would subject you to a lot of stress, and not only that, it could be time-consuming. Not only are you looking for a suitable place to live in, but you will also look for schools where you can potentially enroll your children in—that and the amount of paperwork you are inevitably going to involved with sounds like a lot of work. Why go through all these hassles when a simple house renovation might just do the trick?

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