The evolution of the road transport system has come a long way. In bygone eras, transportation was usually by foot and use of donkeys and horses was also popular. Then came the animal drawn cars. Then came the Industrial Revolution which saw highways being built and whole new species of vehicles came on the road – cars, horse drawn carriages, bicycles, bikes and other two, three and four wheeled vehicles.  Today we are living in the Uber era where we don’t have to own a vehicle but simply request one using our smart phones that have smart technology installed in it so that we can use it for these services.  With the share economy principle high on the global agenda, it is now uber ride sharing that is taking a prominent position as far as road commuting is concerned.

However, there is also another way of getting around,  that does not require one to summon a cab nor own a car, and still adhere to the share economy principle,  the Zip Car.

Before we look at how Uber and Zipcar are working towards a united front, let’s see in detail how each one works, especially from the driving point of view.


  • To drive for Uber, you need to be a registered Uber driver and have your own vehicle
  • The driver can accept and reject rides as per his convenience.
  • The driver can choose their own working hours.
  • Drivers need to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy at all times and that all the licences and insurance documents are valid whilst they are on the road with their vehicle.


  • Anyone who needs to use the Zipcar needs to be a registered member
  • You can book a car as and when you want it – on an urgent basis or reserve one for use at a future time and date
  • You can drive the car by unlocking it with the Zipcard that will be sent to you when you register
  • Once you have completed your ride, you need to return the vehicle back at its reserved slot and lock it via the Zipcard or through your app.


Uber drivers can be from all backgrounds and professions – they can be anyone who has a clean driving license and wants to make an extra buck in their spare time. There are no fixed working hours for the drivers. They are their own bosses and choose when and if they want to work.

However Uber can only register them if they have their own vehicle. That is where Zipcar comes to the rescue and that is why Uber has joined hands with it.

Under the partnership agreement, Uber drivers now need not have their own vehicle. They can rent a Zipcar one and use it to drive for Uber by paying a $7 monthly membership fee as well as $12 for hourly use. In short, they become Zipcar riders who will use the car to ferry passengers who have requested Uber services. They just have to pick up the car, use it as a cab, and then return it back to its reserved parking slot.

This arrangement will also attract many more drivers for Uber in cities where owning and maintaining a car is an expensive business. It also has opened up an opportunity for people to drive and earn more on their terms without worrying about owning a car. It’s the perfect flexible opportunity that will help people make money in a way that is feasible for them.

People who use Zipcars to travel can also register as Uber drivers and make a bob or two whilst they are driving by offering a ride sharing option to other travellers.

 The Uber ride sharing and Zipcar partnership have now opened an avenue for a lot of people who want to drive when they want and make a living or increase their income without the pressures of owning a vehicle.


The fact that Uber had joined hands with Zipcar made headlines news everywhere across the globe. This partnership has opened up an avenue that has created opportunities for many drivers, professional or not to make a living by joining this Uber ride sharing concept.

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