Wise Investments 101: Four Signs You are Ready to Invest in Real Estate

Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Repeat after me: real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.” -Armstrong Williams

Real estate investments have always been regarded as an avenue for growing your wealth and a pathway to financial freedom. For some, it is seen as the catalyst towards an incredibly lucrative venture.

If you committed yourself to your investment endeavor then you might have the potential to leverage your finances. But it takes quite a lot of determination and hard work in order to see some results. Moreover, it requires your patience–lots of it. After all, you cannot expect your endeavors to see immediate success and you will inevitably fail–quite a lot of times before you make it big. Unfortunately, quite a lot of individuals are under the impression that real estate investments are a get-rich quick scheme that would require little to no hard work which is never the case.

A degree of determination is required to be successful in any type of industry–regardless of whether it is in real estate or not. However, even if you exerted all your efforts into ensuring your investments would thrive, if timing is not on your side, you are going to encounter a lot of difficulties. In real estate investments, ensuring you have the right timing is not only recommended, it is paramount. More often than not, it makes all the difference between a fruitful and an unproductive investment. Whether you intend to invest in a unit in Cloverleaf or elsewhere, looking for an opportune time to make your purchase is paramount. In any case, if you are ready to make your first real estate investment, here are signs to show that your timing might be right:

  • You are financially stable

Any type of investment regardless of its potential for profitability is still a risk which means you have to be financially stable before you can make any move. Financial stability is important as it ensures you would not incur even more debts after you make the investment. If you are struggling financially and have quite a lot of pending debts, you are not ready for real estate investment yet.

  • You have spare cash that you can live without

Real estate investment requires a lot of cash up front and this is investment is not something that is readily accessible to you after you have made it. Investment purchases would require at least twenty percent of the total price for down payment. If you cannot afford that, you would need partners or investors to help you with the purchase.

  • You are willing to put in a lot of work

When it comes to real estate investments, you need to start somewhere. More often than not, you would have to manage the properties yourself initially. Buying the property itself would not only mean a lot of paperwork, it means a lot of legwork as well. After all, you would need to get the property ready for listing and look for prospective clients who might be interested. If you wish to mitigate the work you need to do personally, you can always employ a property manager. But remember, doing so would lower your cash flow and you might even need to give them commissions.

  • You want to build a business

Flipping houses and property investment can be seen as occasional hobbies you can choose to partake in. But this is only possible if and only if you have amassed quite a lot of cash. However, if this were not the case, you have to treat it as a business. It matters not whether you own a single property or a series of housing properties, at the end of the day you are stull the proprietor of a real estate business. As someone involved in business, there is a myriad of things you have to consider from responding to tenants to handling legal issues as regards you investments. Be sure these are all things you are prepared to handle and face.

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