5 Natural Remedies to Recover from Erectile Dysfunction

When you’re trying to get pregnant or when you’re trying to be more indulged with your partner physically, and you get to know that he suffers from erectile dysfunction, nothing could be more heart-breaking for your relationship! However, a woman stands behind every man’s achievement. Getting over a condition like erectile dysfunction and living a normal life like the other couples, is also an achievement for his and your personal life, which he just can’t stop expressing his gratitude for!
Therefore, help your partner overcome his weakness using these natural tips and you will have him springing like a champion in your love life.

Get him moving

Encourage him for working out. You can join him for company and also secretly monitor his workout regimen. Either get him indulged with a yoga class near your home or get him to walk/jog. This will help pump blood all through his body and his nerve-endings will become more responsive with more blood flow.

Be your kitchen’s queen

When it comes to preparing food, your husband looks up at you, doesn’t he? Take it to your advantage and stuff his plate with balanced nutritious food. Make nutritious recipes in an interesting way and by doing that you will enter into his heart through his stomach and make him more sexually active too! Literally, your kitchen is in your hands now!

Monitor his sleeping schedules

He works hard at office. He deserves a good and healthy sleeping time. So, the responsible partner in you must keep track of his sleeping cycles. Ensure that he is having his 7-8 hours of sleeping time and thus his body is relaxed and everything is under control. By ensuring he sleeps enough, you also get the chance to complete your sleep cycle, don’t you? It’s all about the smartness in you.

Get him to quit the smokes and encourage him into throwing the bottle down

If your partner indulges in smoking to take the edge off his stress, here’s a habit that you really look into. Treat him with nicotine-free gums and stuff his trouser pockets with normal chewing gums. When he reaches out to his pocket to pull out his cigarette, he might pull out the gum and keep chewing on it, avoiding the fag routine. Also, there is a psychological survey that says men sometimes smoke to cut down on boredom –don’t let that happen. Entertain him with stories about neighbors and office gossips, we promise he secretly loves such talks, and won’t think of smoking, at least for a while!

On the other hand, if your partner is an alcoholic, no rehab is going to help him. There are assured meds to help your husband hate alcohol, only in Ayurveda. Consult your Ayurvedic specialist with your partner’s consent and get him started on Ayurvedic herbs and in a few days he will throw the bottle down, if you want him to drink in a social gathering.

Herbal remedies

Like the kitchen trick, this involves more of indulging your partner in eating good herbs that will rejuvenate his mind, body, and sexual vitality. Get him started on cinnamon in his morning breakfast, vanilla for his dessert, gingko, and ginseng as capsules. However, don’t introduce all at a time –start with cinnamon sprinkled breakfast/dessert and try the vanilla the next week. Keep one herb for one week and don’t keep adding. You can use it on a rotational basis and you’ll see him sexually vital in a couple of months. Go for it, go herbal!

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