Top Engineering Colleges can Give New Direction to your Career

Engineering is a highly lucrative profession which offers the best of both worlds. Engineers are considered to be a vital pillar of the country whose foresight, vision, adaptability and analytical skills are integral to creation of knowledge based economy. Qualified engineers are highly in demand and a degree in engineering from top B Tech colleges in Delhi NCR  or for that matter top rated colleges anywhere else in India could propel your career in the right direction. There is acute need of qualified engineers in the market and well-established engineering schools do an exceptional job of preparing job ready graduates. What it invariably means is that an engineering degree from a top of the line engineering school is a good assurance of a high quality job with a top rated firm.

However, it is important to understand in the very beginning that seeking admission in B. Tech colleges in Gurgaon or for that matter anywhere in India in an engineering college known for its academic program and high quality teaching is not easy by any stretch of imagination. There is a tremendous rush for admission in these institutes and the skewed ratio of the number of applicants to the number of seats on offer can make it extremely tough for you to secure admission. You need to work extremely hard with a lot of sincerity and dedication and a single minded focus if you really wish to be accepted by these top rated engineering schools. Obtaining admission, however, in their prestigious engineering program can be considered a career defining move as a B. Tech degree from these top rated institutes carry enormous prestige in the job market.

Another good thing about studying in a reputable engineering school is that they offer quality education in almost all major branches of engineering. You can opt for civil engineering knowing fully well that you are going to get as good training and education in this popular branch as your friend who has opted for computer engineering. In fact all streams of engineering like Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Agricultural engineering, etc are high paying and offer tremendous job satisfaction along with higher degree of financial stability.

In the following paragraphs we shall look into detail about career scope in Chemical engineering. This is very exciting branch of engineering which offers exciting career opportunities.

Chemical engineers have immensely contributed to the society in a very short span of time. It is in fact hard to visualize modern life without the large-scale production of antibiotics and other drugs, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, physiological-compatible polymers for biomedical devices, high-strength polymer composites, synthetic fibers and fabrics, protective coatings, and microelectronic devices. How would our industries function without environmental control technologies; without processes to design and make semiconductors, magnetic and optical storage media; and without modern petroleum processing? All these technologies require the ability to produce specially-designed chemicals—and the materials based on them—economically and with minimal adverse impact on the environment. Developing this ability and implementing it on a practical scale is what chemical engineering is all about.

The products that depend on chemical engineering come from the diverse array of industries that play a key role in our economy. These industries include the traditional chemical and petroleum processing industries that dominated chemical engineering for over half of its existence, but they also include food and beverages, textiles, paper, rubber and plastics, ceramics, microelectronics, biomedical devices, and a wealth of others. As an intellectual discipline it is deeply involved in both basic and applied research. Chemical engineers bring a unique set of tools and methods to the study and solution of some of society’s most pressing problems.

A person having a chemical engineering degree is expected to find meaningful career opportunities in the petroleum, chemical, paint, fertilizer or food processing industries. Chemical engineers worked to turn crude oil, oil shale, and coal into useful fuels, lubricants, and paving materials or took petroleum-derived compounds and turned them into useful herbicides, pesticides, plastics, and synthetic fabrics.


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