5 Simple Tools For Growing A Quality Social Media Page

Social media is without a doubt one of the most important channels in marketing today, and using social media properly will for sure help you in rising your brand’s awareness and boosting its visibility. Next to having a great social media marketing strategy, your team still needs to have the right set of tools at their disposal.

To help you in your social media endeavours, I will share some tools that will help you with growing your social media presence, also assist you in your social media marketing campaign, and building a healthy and engaging community.

Buffer :

Buffer is a straightforward and clean-looking content publishing tool that helps you manage your posts on various social media networks across multiple accounts. It lets you schedule and publish posts, and at the same time track their performance. Buffer also helps you with managing digital projects, and saves you time and which in turn makes you more efficient when it comes to posting updates on various social media platforms. They also have fantastic guides and case studies on their blog which can help you with using their app more effectively.

ActiveCollab :

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ActiveCollab is one of the best marketing project management tools as it helps you plan your social media campaign, makes it easy to collaborate with your team and also lets you track your time and the campaign’s progress. ActiveCollab also makes it easy to be transparent with your clients by inviting them to work on projects either as collaborators or just visitors. They can be involved during all stages of the project, from the initial all the way to the finishing stage, which can be very useful when a client wants to be a part of your campaign from the get-go.

Pablo :

Pablo is Buffer’s simple tool that lets you create stunning images for all of your social media networks in under a minute. You can create images that are perfectly formatted for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can customize your Pablo images by picking among a few fonts and change their size, blur, or pixelate the background. The images can then be shared across all networks and analyzed them using Buffer’s analytics to tell you how well are they performing. Pablo is also useful in your project planning as you can create the images in advance and just share them over time using Buffer.

Nuzzel : 

Image source: Pixabay

Nuzzel is a tool that helps you see the top news shared by your network, which saves time every week as you do not need to curate content for your social feeds. It gives you a list of posts that are currently popular in your Twitter network. You can share those article on your social media channels or add them to your newsletter. Nuzzel can also be useful when you try to be up to date on your Twitter timeline.

BuzzSumo : 

BuzzSumo is a simple, no-headache tool that helps with content research what is popular by topic or on any website. It automates the process of scanning all the various social media networks to see what people are talking about and what is currently popular on a global level, which can be priceless when you need to sharpen your focus and get directions. BuzzSumo can also be for content research.

If you want to take your social media marketing campaign to a new level, and grow your brand’s visibility, you need to be focused and organized at all times. The right set of tools will for sure help you with that, as well as with standing out from the rest of the crowd.

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