Oi Oi Diaper Bags make taking baby out a heck of a lot easier!

Oi Oi Diaper bags know that having a baby changes so many things about your life. (With two myself, a boy and a girl, I know exactly how complicated it gets! – thankfully, Oi Oi Diaper bags do to!)

Oi Oi Diaper bags know that you can no longer carry just a light purse for a checkbook and cosmetics. (Mainly because you don’t have the money to spend anymore and you don’t even have the time to apply the cosmetics either!) 

Oi Oi Diaper bags understand that you need everything for the baby with you at all times: diapers, bottles, wipes, rattles, change of clothes, moppies, toys, just everything!

The only solution is to have a bag solely for baby, called a diaper bag, that is easy to carry, stores everything you need neatly and securely with you at all times – and hopefully is attractive as well. I’d happily recommend Oi Oi Diaper bags, based on my experiences with them.

Oi Oi Diaper Bags are stylish and practical, with room for everything that your baby could need. Oi Oi Diaper Bags provide elasticated pockets and pouches so that your baby things remain organized, easy to locate and won’t fall out when you aren’t looking. (They won’t fall out of Oi Oi Diaper Bags when you are looking either, based on my experience!)

Oi OiDiaper Bags make sure they take care of being useable, safe and secure – so what about attractive as well? I’m happy to say that with 16 different styles and multiple colors – ranging from plain and somber through to wild and funky – there should be a style to fit your needs and wants perfectly.

Oi Oi Diaper Bags are available from shops or on the Internet.

The modern styles from Oi Oi Diaper Bags include backpack, carry all, hobo style, large tote bags, luxury bags, messenger style bags and change mats. (Learn more about each Oi Oi Diaper bags style from the menu on the right.)

Materials used to manufacture the Oi Oi diaper bags range from leather to washable cotton, to lightweight washable nylon micro fiber. The extensive selection of colors and prints will make choosing just one diaper bag practically impossible.

In fact, you could consider purchasing several Oi Oi Diaper bags for different purposes. My husband and I bought two different bags, Large Tote and Backpack. (The large tote stays in the car, stocked at all times and I use the backpack version when I take the kids out on my own – makes it much easier to manage, faster to get out of the door and leaves a hand/shoulder free as well!)

You might need one of the Oi Oi Diaper bags to keep in the car at all time, well stocked, so that you can go on the spur of the moment without having to pack or repack a diaper bag. Just add bottles or snacks to it each trip so they are always fresh.

You certainly need a backpack style diaper bag for going to events and festivals, or even shopping, where the weight of a diaper bag on your arm could become cumbersome.

Some of the Oi Oi Diaper Bag styles, such as the hobo style bag and the large tote style diaper bag, are actually large enough to let you put all your essential personal items inside the diaper bag as well and avoid carrying the added weight of a separate purse.

Oi Oi Diaper Bags all have pockets for cell phones, and pockets to store other “mommy necessities”. Doctors tell us that carrying too much weight in purses is very bad for the spine, so by removing on item that you must carry, you can lighten your load and protect your back. Believe me – you’re going to want to protect your back as much as possible!

So, have a surf around. I love Oi Oi Diaper bags because they’ve made my life easier. They are good quality, well made and roomy bags and I’d recommend them. They must be good, 8 out of 13 moms in the infant group we go to have one – and some, like me, have more than one as well! What better praise could we give them?

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