Pros and Cons: In-house Vs Outsourced Technical Support

Every company has a set of technical IT services either in-house or outsourced to a consumer. Expectations of many companies seem that they could outsource in highly visible manner. To keep it running successfully it requires a good understanding of the service in-house itself. It becomes more clear that why companies choose In-house Vs Outsourced Technical Support.

If an organization is provided in-house, the company must have the following things.

  • Trained or Certified employees (with IT certification)
  • Hire qualified employees
  • Pay salary and other benefits
  • Provide workspace
  • Provide other resources including computers, Internet access etc

Does it make sense for businesses to hire a full-time technical support for in-house or outsource technical support? Measuring both upsides and downsides in both scenarios can help to figure out which decision is probably best to serve your organization.

Pros: In-House IT Support

Cost Control

When you hire a full-time employee the salary range remains same for IT professionals even if any situation occurs related to technical or non-technical. For example, troubleshooting problem, Network problem etc. This makes sure that your salary remains constant.

Access easily

A technical support employee can resolve any issues and queries immediately. So that other clients won’t be able to complete your technical support time.

Cons: In-House IT Support

Hidden costs

Hiring a full-time technical support is a most expensive one. Providing your professionals with basic benefits drives the cost higher. For many businesses, Having an IT support with full time and the cost related to the initial training in in-house is too costly.

Overall limited technical expertise

When it comes to the expertise in technological basis, your IT support specialists may be good with Excel and Docs knowledge. When it turns to some other issues such as network isn’t working, but they may not have the practical knowledge in diagnosing the network issues. It is the one who unable to provide expertise for all of your technological needs.

Outsourcing IT Support: Pros

Round-the-clock service

Every IT technical support firms offer their customer 24/7 services through user interfaces such as email, phone, chat etc. This means that you will have a support person to inquire about your issues in midnight.

Minimized Cost

By considering all the expenses, Outsourcing is very less expensive compared to a full-time IT support in-house. You will not have to pay for training and staffing while hiring a full-time employee. Moreover, outsourcing technicals could handle multiple clients at a time.

Outsourcing IT Support: Cons

Not part of the team

When you outsource your technical support, the professional experts are there only at their scheduled time. The only solution is that, Get an outsourced team who can clarify your needs and manage your services. Thus, the firm can help with routine tech support issues and will be more compatible with your need and requirements.

Language and communication problem

Communication issues with the tech support specialist can make the situation worse. This issue only happens when you outsource from a local firm with less cost. Struggling to understand your client makes disappointment and client lose.

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