How Technology Revolutionises the Escape Room Games Experience

The only constant in the field of technology changes. Innovators are constantly working to make things better, more convenient, and safer. This is why, almost every month, you have a new gadget or an upgraded version of an old gadget hitting the market. The goal of technology is not only to bring new innovations to life but also to improve the already existing ones to evolve the way the world functions.


Think about breakout escape rooms for a minute. What started as a simple physical puzzle game got constantly upgraded with the help of technology. And now, it has become one of the most immersive interactive recreations all across the globe.

But how was this journey made possible? Let’s take a look at some of the ways escape room games were revolutionized by technology:

1.   Cameras 

Surveillance cameras that can broadcast footage and sound in real-time have been one of the distinct safety tools of an escape room game. It ensures that the players are safe and no mishaps would take place in the room. Thanks to these cameras, tracking the actions of the players and giving hints also becomes easier for the gamemaster. Overall, the cameras ensure that the players have a safe experience without interrupting the levels of immersion.

2.   Lights 

Lights play a very vital role in the escape room setting. They can both hide or reveal important clues. No matter how well-crafted the set pieces are inside an escape room, if the brand cannot nail the lighting and harness the latest technology to aid the process, the experience falls flat. Many brands have started using smart lights inside the room that are either voice or touch-activated. Not only do they help in maintaining the ambiance of the room, but they also help in elevating the interactive quotient of the setup.

3.   Sound  

Some escape rooms give clues through audio cues. It makes the game more immersive. For example, in a horror-themed game, a knocking sound or a spooky noise will make the players freak out a little and make the experience feel more realistic.

4.   Smart Riddles and Quizzes

Quizzes and riddles are the core of an escape experience. They keep the players engaged with the experience from start to finish and create excitement. With the advancement of technology, brands now incorporate advanced puzzles such as electronic labyrinths, UV mazes, and touch screen codes that elevate the gameplay to the next level.


5.   Locks and Doors 

You know how important locks are in escape rooms. The ultimate goal of the game itself is to unlock the final door and exit. And thanks to technology, even this aspect of escape rooms has advanced into something more interactive and exciting. Combination locks, digit locks, and sensor-activated locks are only some of the many ways escape companies are turning the simple act of unlocking into a nerve-wracking affair.

On the other hand, automatic doors can add fantastical elements to escape rooms. These can either be sensor-activated or operated by someone behind the scenes. Nevertheless, this type of high-tech element brings in a lot more thrill into the environment than generic doors and locks.

6.   Props 

An escape room without good props is like an ice-cream sandwich without the ice-cream- there is no point to it. Technological progress has enabled escape brands to spice up their props as well. Escape rooms now include high-tech gadgets such as working TVs, miniature robots, and touch-activated LED screens integrated into their set designs. Some escape rooms have even upgraded their game by incorporating hologram technology. These futuristic props create an unprecedented quality of sensory immersion and make the game more exciting than ever before!


Now, before skeptic critics frown and say the old-school charm of escape rooms is gone, let us clear the air- they are not gone anywhere. Most brands incorporate these new-age elements in a balanced mixture with the traditional escape room settings. So, even if you are not so tech-savvy, there is nothing to be intimidated by. At the end of the day, the purpose of technologically powered elements is to enhance the escape experience, not to make it exclusive of people of certain ages or skillsets.

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