Applications Throbs Network Site’s Space

At the first glimpse anybody who gets to hear of application and websites, they would surely say there is no big difference between each. Both render its user with the same ideas to help them out with easy access. But when a comparison with both, the application comes is one step forward than that of the web information space. Applications are a way too fast in access and make it simple in doping out the users need and complete the task in a snap of fingers.Unknowingly we started to use applications drastically backing off the web time space. Though both applications and website are accessed using handy gadgets like mobile phones, tablets etc so that can never be the reason for us to swap to the applications from web space. Then would have to be the prime reason? When it comes to a mobile website there are slight differences between the browser-based pages. Sorting out the difference between both it would bring in easy views to assess why there is a hike in active users for the mobile application. Basically, the mobile websites are customized in such way where the smaller gadgets could afford to load the page since it couldn’t support hefty data. Both the sites will have the same and similar contents with different approaches by changing the resolutions of images as it needs less of clarity than that of the desktop users.

Depicting the difference we can get a clear idea of what the people need. The user’s need is responsiveness. Be it a mobile application or a mobile website or even a browser with HTML linking pages, higher and faster the response is, more the people gets behind it. Thinking of that aspect application seems to deliver best responsive as it works on a theory on particular target or goal. As in for instance if you take an application related to restaurant search say Zomato it would bring in detailed information about restaurants in and around us. So it’s easier to download an application which deals with something we surf often. Surfing and collection information is better than acquiring information which we need already gathered in one place. So is the first foremost reason why people largely fell into the higher usage of applications these days.

What was websites to us since its evolution?

As discussed earlier there is a drastic fall in the use of websites and web pages since it’s replaced with mobile applications which are on trend now. There are a few fruitful features in websites which people haven’t espoused. They are:

  • Web sites are instantaneous. They do not demand its user to download or install anything into their unlike mobile applications.
  • It’s easy to redirect links and sharing a website address, whereas doesn’t have that option over applications.
  • Web sites are flexible. They work any platform and can be shared among other people. Since they work on every platform the one who receives our link will also find it useful.
  • Updating a website is piece of cake. Since it’s highly flexible they are also easy in updating its content.
  • It’s easy to catch up with the search when it’s going to be dealt through web sites. Website itself suggests the user with what he is about to surf through the frequently searched elements.
  • Web sites are cost effective, not every page you open up will cost you. Almost most of the web sites are free of cost.
  • A web site can be an application but an application cannot act like a website. We can make it happen in mobile applications by developing driven-database web application which is pretty similar to a mobile application.

There are people who still feel that using applications are not a good idea. There are various reasons behind it. A few say that application holds up a large space in the device and hinders to download other media. Apart from the frequently used application, those ones which have meager of usage finds too undesirable. They find its better that they surf a lot in one single place to know or research about something rather these mobile applications. And secondly, comes the age limit where people above 40 don’t prefer application as they got used to website search and browsing. Though they get to know the benefits of mobile application they refuse to switch completely into mobile applications.

What makes applications more appealing?

It was a time where people started to neglect desktop websites and shifted to mobile websites for one prime reason which is obviously smartphones. And now it’s time for native applications to take the place. Comparing bygone days to our current time there are a lot of transitions in our technology. There are many advantages on using a website when compared to a mobile application, but there are a few things that website could never get to yield as the native application do. One paragraph couldn’t explain the entire advancement an application possesses, so let’s get in-depth to examine the exceptional features available in our native applications.


If you install an application on your phone, it’s all yours. As in the application registers your name as an id on your phone and everything concerned with the application on your phone will be as yours, where when you make it search in a web browser the search engine is common to all. It brings in details which are common to anyone. For instance, ride service application like OLA would show you the details of the cabs available at that instant. Once you download that application it is necessary for one-time registration and whenever you get to book a cab you just need to drop the destination point along with the time of departure. Whereas it would be dreadful to register every single time our personal details when I’ve gotta book the service through online web.


Gaming will be the first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about application concerned with entertainment. Gaming application has kids as its target audience. Saving our smartphones from the little ones during our family gatherings and get-togethers will be a big challenge for all of us. The craze for gaming over kids is huge and that’s the tactics here. It’s easy to start playing a game via application than through websites because applications have various levels in gaming. It’s easy to get updates on which level we’ve stopped and where to resume when the game is in our phone. Not just games, also to catch up with our show’s favorite episodes which we missed to watch, if the channels have an application then it’s easy to clamp our missed episodes.

Sometimes no online network needed

To access a website it’s mandatory to have internet connection while there are a lot of applications can be operated or accessed without an internet connection. Offline dictionary, Pocket, Wattpad, Retrica and most of the application related to games works offline. Whereas if you want to read a book online you can never achieve to accomplish it through your browser unless you have an internet connection.

At the end

People usually don’t embrace something which is not worthwhile. As the result of an immense increase in the use of smartphones, it’s clear that eventually the mobile application will also find its place somewhere at the top. And nobody is pushing the users to use applications brushing off the web, it’s all about choices. Those who feel that applications can’t make out a big difference and prominent than the browsers doesn’t have to switch into them. But thinking about the benefits and improvement mobile applications must be put under consideration.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zuket. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. Zuket offers software products that are built with Airbnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.

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