Assemble a Solar Power Grid in Your Backyard

Solar power along with wind power and tidal energy will form the power source of the future. One has to make some sacrifices in order to be with the face of progress.

Check for the parts of the solar power grid

To begin your solar power installation, you need to buy the various things that will make the solar power grid work. These will consist of the panel, the charge controller, the battery pack, the inverter, and the circuit switcher that is normally part of the CPU of the solar power grid.

Check with your local dealer if he has all the needed parts. Being part of the developed economy the solar dealers in Bijnor just as those in other major cities like New Delhi and Aligarh will have everything you need.

Assemble the parts

First, you must have the space to place your solar panels. Calculate the power needed. An average household will need 280 kWh to 930 kWh depending on the size of the house. A 5.67 kW power system consisting of 18 panels will have an array size of 333 square feet. This power is enough since most of the households will have their regular power supply. For this array, each of the panel is 6 x 4 feet and the watt per square feet is 18.5 W.

After you have assembled the panels, you need to connect it to the battery pack through the inverter, the circuit switcher, and the charge controller. Each has significance in the power grid. The battery pack helps store the power you get from the solar panels. Since you need to have at least 5.67 kW of power, your battery pack must have at least 7.89 kW capacities.

Configure your batteries

Usual configuration for the battery is 12V, 24V, or 48V. If you need 20.7 kWh at 48V, you need eight batteries. For the same voltage, you can double the power to 41.3 kWh by using 16 batteries. Since you need only half the power, you can get by on four batteries.

After this, you need to choose a good inverter. The inverter plays an important role because it converts the DC power into AC power. All the electric appliances in the house use only AC power. Therefore, we have to convert the DC power we get from the solar power grid into AC power.

Choose the proper inverter

The main types of inverters are as follows:

  1. String inverters
  2. Micro inverters
  3. Central inverters
  4. Battery based inverters

The popular choice is string inverter mostly because they are efficient. You have panels arranged in strings so the power adds up. Central inverters resemble the strings in that they have strings but all the panels will deliver the power within the central grid first. The battery-based inverters need a battery for its operation. Micro inverters convert the power on the panel itself.

Use an inverter

The last item is the circuit switcher that has the ability to modulate the flow of current in the circuit. At times, when the solar grid is not functioning to its peak, the circuit switcher will change the power supply to the regular power supply grid.

We must take the first step today and join the others who are progressing. Solar power does not cost much and most of the solar power installations will last for more than 40 years.

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