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A Dedicated Server gives you the power in order to scale your online imagination as you grow your business, offer complex yet satisfactory online services and solutions to manage your systems and data.

You, as an individual or business, require a Dedicated Server from a hosting company for one of two reasons:

  1. To host a high-traffic on a resource intensive website.
  1. To host a high-traffic on a resource intensive application.


 Dedicated hosting is surely the only medicine when you need to handle high traffic volume and handle resource-intensive tasks.

  • With shared hosting, you don’t have the full strength of the server at your command as you are sharing it whereas with a Dedicated Server, you don’t need to share.
  • A website with high traffic and resource needs will begin to strain a shared hosting server. On contrary with Dedicated Server you’re free to use 100% of the server to control your traffic and manage your transactions.
  • As your business and the volume of your transactions grows, so does the traffic on your website and load on your web server. Soon, both your site and the other sites sharing your server will slow down or even freeze when the server’s capacity is exceeded whereas Dedicated Server is not vulnerable to this.


The two biggest benefits of this approach are:

  • Total control over the server setup, configuration, and management
  • Immune to vulnerability
  • Complete ownership and security for sensitive customer and business data.
  • Even if your needs outgrow your server, you can upgrade to a bigger and faster server.
  • There are many small applications that are critical for your business like customer relationship management solution, a content management solution, etc. that can be installed for use only by your employees, which can only run on dedicated servers.


As every coin has two faces, Dedicated Server also has. The disadvantages of using it are:

  • The cost of space to house the servers.
  • The need for in-house technical know-how.
  • The risk of a disaster destroying your servers.
  • It demands more attention and upkeep.

If your business needs the power, security, and stability in the online world, you may find that the best option is to move your website to a Dedicated Server. It will in every case meet your needs and will fulfill your demands in the first place.


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