Discover!! How “L” shaped kitchen saves space and budget

Kitchen shaped like “L” is one of the most prominent kitchen designs that have been widely adopted across the world. Thought it has tons of design variations but it mainly works well with a small or medium size kitchen space. This type of kitchen design usually includes an island and other kitchen fixtures like stove and sink. For the obvious reason, Island isn’t just about the kitchen décor but it also helps in preparing meals and adding further storage. Since the entire design centralizes the L Shape, the functionalities have to be divided ideally so that design ensure the optimum performance.

Having said, one side of ‘L’ can be used as an open counter space and the other will lead to the dining or living room perhaps this will make it look elegant. One of the major advantages of the L Shaped kitchen is that it mainly suits the homeowners who usually happen to cook a lot. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining the work triangle that allows efficient spacing between the refrigerators, stove and sink. Let’s discuss its advantage now;

Great Storage Space
Though how your kitchen looks really matter but functionality of the kitchen is always preferred over the style. For sure, every single element in the kitchen has to be perfectly balanced because the balanced design work at their best whether in style or functionality. Exhibiting the open plan in the perfect kitchen décor, L Shaped kitchens have become very common as it’s very practical. Along with enough storage space, these designs carry ample counter space as well.

If the island are added to it further, it would simply be great to add more storage space to the design. Moreover, this concept also ensure the storage space above the countertops, the island and the external wall. Precisely, the kitchen will be more able to accommodate tons of things.

Multiple Cooks
One of the most popular pros of the L-shaped kitchen that women are usually fascinated with is the enough space for multiple cooks to work. If you have the L-shaped kitchen at your home, it won’t really look overcrowded even if two or three people are cooking at the same time. There is also a sufficient preparation area and a sink people can easily move about without hurdling each other in between.

In case you plan to have the L-shaped kitchen design in the larger space that would also be good because the family can have enough dining space so that they can sit around and have a conversation. Ironically, the sink is also installed a bit away for the cooking area so that it gets easier for people to work and clean it all quickly.

Having an Extra Sink
Well, this is no less than a precious pearl for the housewives especially when there happens to be a need of more than one sinks. This usually happen when the guests stop by at your place and the kitchen is mess as hell that you want to get done with as soon as possible. You are more likely to have more than one sink in the L-shaped kitchen. For the obvious reasons, the sink needs to be near the plumbing.

Since the sinks usually get tons of visit in a day that’s why it should have easy access to the stove, refrigerator and counter tops. In case the plumbing pipes are not installed properly in the kitchen, then one must hire the plumbers to get it done just the way it would turn up best.

In a nutshell, it’s all about the work triangle in the kitchen. It’s imperative for the work triangle of stove, sink and refrigerator to be balanced otherwise people would then be coming in each other’s way and that’s what none of you would probably appreciate. Believe it or not, but the convenience and optimum functionality is one of the most important kitchen décor.

One modern kitchen designer has really helped us out during the article so deserves a word of favor. In the end, if you are looking for the pros of L-shaped kitchen design then just check out this article and learn more.

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