Shungite Jewellery Protection From the Evil Eye

More About Shungite Jewellery

Shungite has a uniquely captivating look with an amazing depth of colour which is part of its true winning attribute. With its strength, the rich and pure black colour seems almost alive when you look into its depth. This highly sorts after stone dates back several hundred years and has seen the growth and evolution of the Earth. It has also gained significant popularity because of its healing properties.

There is a minimal amount of Elite Shungite found, approximate 1-2% of all Shungite mined, Elite Shungite is rarely cut or shaped to minimize waste of this precious stone. If you see Shungite Jewellery for sale, and it doesn’t say that it’s Elite, Nobel, Crystal, or Silver, it’s NOT going to be Elite Shungite, but it’s going to be common normal grade Shungite.

Shunghite Jewellery and its Benefits:

High and ultra high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is scientifically proven to be shielded by Shungite.  Shungitecan also help with headaches, debilitating stomachaches, skin spots, backaches, and other physical afflictions. An effective way to help protect from harmful radiation is by using a Shungite pyramid as well as other carved Shungite products.

Scientific studies by trusted scientists have shown that heart diseases and up to 60% of cancer diseases are caused by pathogenic and electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite assist with protecting people from the negative impact of EMF fields as well as guarding against the “evil eye,” or negative energy that is sent to you from an outside source that can that leads to sudden deterioration of human health.

Our Collection of Shungite Jewellery

At Energy in Balance we have a wide range of themes and styles within our Shungite jewellery collection, with both pendants and bracelets include you will easily be able to find something to suit your style and taste. Utilize our stunning designs to spruce up your outfits with a splash of pure black that has hidden depth and beauty. With an impressive range of items from bold through to minimalistic, add a splash of elegance to your outfit while being protected at the same time.

As it nestles at the base of your neckline, the smooth-to-matte gem is a delight to wear, as you benefit from the scientifically proven EMF protection. In jewellery, we give you some wonderful and bewitching designs that will make your style totally special and loved.

Explore our collection of Shungghite Jewellery at

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