Dos and Don’ts to consider before appearing for an interview

Hiring in organizations nowadays is at a pinnacle. Job seekers are now moving all over to make their job seek to finish. After attending so many interviews, still some of the candidates don’t get selected.  Do you ever figure out why you don’t get hired? There always lies a reason behind your disqualification. Before going for an interview what goes in your mind? Fresher are regularly frightened before appearing for an interview. They don’t have any thought regarding interview behavior. So, if you are facing these problems then this article might help you before appearing for an interview.

Let’s know some dos and don’ts during an interview:


  • Come in formal wear. Try to avoid over fashioned and casual clothes. Casual clothes possess a casual attitude towards the job. Even if the company has not certain fixed dress code but still you should come in a formal dress.
  • Always try to be punctual. Try to come 15 minutes before appearing for an interview it tells that if you will get selected, then you will come on time. And the most important point is that if they are providing you the time from their busy schedule then you should at least come on time.
  • Do bring all the Xerox of the required documents so that you can show them whenever needed.
  • Always listen carefully to the questions which are being asked and answer it confidently.
  • During an interview try to make eye- contact with the interviewer which shows your confidence level.
  • Have trust in yourself as you know that you are eligible for this job profile.
  • Show your interest towards the company and the profile in which you are applying for.
  • Always answer the question having a little smile on your face.
  • After completing the interview, don’t forget to write a thank you mail to the interviewer as it shows your sincerity for the job and also shows that you are interested in getting that job. Thus this is the last step in the job search process.


  • Never interrupt an interviewer during the interview session. Answer them after they finish their questions.
  • Don’t lie about your education or about job history as it will possess a bad impression on your personality.
  • Don’t ask about the salary, bonuses, and holidays until they ask you for this.
  • Don’t act too friendly with the interviewer as he is not your friend.
  • Don’t answer in ‘yes’ and ‘no’, try to justify your answer properly.
  • Don’t show the interviewer that you are getting nervous by drumming your fingers, swing your leg or cracking your knuckles.
  • Don’t put your phone in ringer or vibration mode. Place your mobile phone in silent mode only.

So, the above-mentioned points were some of the dos and don’ts during an interview. Always keep these points in your mind before appearing for an interview.

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Chinmayee Jha is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.

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