Global trends of iOS Application Development

Recently Mobile World Congress, SAP an enterprise application software Company has clarified about the partnership with Apple which would further help in the creation of a toolset that would be helpful from startups to top iOS application Development Company to create enterprise level apps on iOS platform. Specified as SAP Cloud Platform SDK, the tools are expected to be using Swift which is a programming language of Applein order to present developers and designers with the accumulation of pre-built UI components in order to render easy access over iPhone with the ultimate motive to increase adoption and stimulation of app development.

Although Apple app store apart iOS application development, is accelerating with each passing day because there are bunch of mobile apps that have made the lives of people much easier. Apple App store has successfully generated higher revenues with accretive hits on the download button. This makes the app developers to come something electrifying in order to get their app enlisted to the Apple app store. Although we have relied on iOS app demand in 2017 but after conducting comprehensive research the list is longer than expected. Here are the list of Global trends that are expected to shape iOS application development in 2017.

Augmented reality ready to set forth

By using GPS technology, augmented reality is ready to set forth through iOS technology by rendering whole range of users. Although the utilisation of augmented team has successfully changed the gaming industry. Thus it has amalgamated games with every activities of individuals. Hence in the domain of augmented reality, GPS is something which would be indispensable for any mobile app developer. Although 3D games started gaining prominence from last few years, but the spirit is expected to continue this year as well but the only matter of concern would be in the domain of security.

Digital security is soon to conquer iOS apps

Although data security and user’s privacy have always been a matter of concerns as far as iOS app development is concerned. Apple’s device is known to have the advanced level of infrastructure, but people on the smartphones perform their personal task with the involvement of credentials irrespective to homes, finance etc. After the introduction of cloud facilities, mobile security has been quite mandatory. ATS (App Transport Security) is although compulsory for every iOS apps but iOS 3.0, security may be compromised. Although app development is planned by almost covering the entire domain but still an Internet Standard is expected,till then mobile security would still be a matter of concern in near future.

Swift is going to be swifter in 2017

Swift gain prominence over open programming language ever since December 2016.Various mobile app developers have enthusiastically adopted Swift programming language which has got the notion of swift becoming swifter in 2017.

IoT will capture the market of iOS

At the end of the year 2020, more than 50 billion internet connected devices will be around and this isexpected to exceed the total world population. Eventually IoT based mobile apps are anticipated with the increase of demand especially byiOS users. Although the trend already blowing in favour of IoT based apps in iOS handsets. Various IoT companies are trying to raise their technology hence at the end of the day in 2017, iOS app developers are expected to get more profit by creating value-added apps for the users which would eventually help the IoT based devices.

More on GPS and beacons         

GPS and beacon technologies have been introduced in the commercial space in order to push the marketing efforts that target the individual customers. These applications have already started initiating household appliances over the past two-three years. These technologies have been successfully integrated with kitchen appliances, automobiles etc. which ensured widespread utilisation.  In order to enhance the spirit, iOS 7 has created a special interface in order to manage and control various electronic appliances that can be operated from their home. It can be handled from remote location which is considered to be energy-saving and environment-friendly actions. These have made a challenge to top notch iOS application development companies to demonstrate their creativity.

Although there are more opportunities that are expected to crop for iOS app developers in 2017 but as far as volume battle is concerned, there are higher number of apps based on Android but iOS will always win the battle of creativity. Hence at the end of the day, it’s the revenue generation that would be the major incentive for iOS application development.

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