How Physics Affects Our Daily Life?

Physics stretches well into our daily life in simple actions such as walking on the road, driving a car and using the phone. It also effortlessly describes the motions, forces and energy of the ordinary everyday experience. The very first law of Physics that we study in school is the Law of conservation of energy. You might be surprised to know that this law comes into the picture across almost all facets of life. In conclusion, we can say that physics governs our everyday lives in one way or the other. Below, let us look at examples of physics in everyday life:
  1. Alarm Clock :

Physics gets involved in our daily life right from the time we wake up in the morning. The buzzing sound of the alarm helps us to wake up in the morning and plan our day according to the schedule. Sound is something that you can’t see but can only hear. Physics studies the origin, properties and propagation of sound.

2. Cell Phones : 

We can compare cell phones to be the oxygen of modern social life. Whether be it to convey an urgent message or to chat with a relative who lives far away, cell phones are used everywhere. In today’s world, you would hardly find anyone untouched by the effects of cell phones. But, have you ever wondered how a cell phone works? A cell phone works on the principle of electromagnetic spectrum and electricity.

3.  Steam Iron : 

Physics comes into play even while you iron your clothes. The principle used is “Heat.” In thermodynamics, heat is a form of energy that is transferred from a warmer substance to a cooler substance.

4. Ball-Point Pen : 

The ballpoint pen is your weapon in school and offices. Physics is to thank for the invention of pens. In the case of a pen, the concept of gravity comes into play. As the pen moves across the paper, the ball turns and the gravity pulls the ink on top of the ball which is later transferred onto the paper.

5. Camera lens : 

“Selfie” has become a phenomenon that has engulfed people of all age groups. People entertain themselves by clicking photos. The lens used in a camera works on the principle of Optics. The set of convex lenses provide the image outside the camera.

The listed were a few ways in which physics impacts our lives. There are many more applications that have not been discussed here. The concept of force plays a major role in our day to day activity. For example, the centripetal force comes into the picture in washing machine dryers. Physics governs a lot of natural phenomena and also defines a number of man-made objects such as refrigerators, cars, microwave and escalators. Hence, we can say that our world is ruled by physics.

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