How to Achieve Your weight loss Dreams the right and healthy way

Have you ever thought you  about losing weight? If the answer is NO then I must say you are making a big mistake and you may need to reconsider especially if you are not only fat but obsessed even though I know the thought off losing weight most have crossed your mind. So let me ask you this, what’s stopping you from taking the challenge and prove to those haters and mockers that you too can look like a supermodel. if you are fat or overweight but has not still made up your mind by now i urchin you tore consider think about all the girls or boys or have turned you down just because of the stupid excuse ” I can’t date or go out with a fat woman or man, think about your college or high school days when you used to be the talk of the class or you may be working right now and at your job site

you are the slowest and your boss and associates can’t stop complaining about you. so please you need to take a stand right now and say ” I will prove them wrong”

                 But if you are thinking about losing weight I must congratulate you no making that decision and I must tell you it’s half the battle won and when this is all over you will discover it was one of the best decisions you ever made in your life. Congrats once again for taking the challenge to prove them wrong. if you want to lose weight and keep it off you forever then you need to make some changes to your lifestyle I must confess. You may be asking what I mean by changing your lifestyle. By changing lifestyle I mean what you eat and the amount of activities you do. They have to be tracked seriously if you want to achieve good results. I know this can be difficult at first but if you are serious about losing a few pounds or kilos and are willing to put in a little effort you will be surprised at the results and what you can achieve.

Is losing weight really necessary?

The answer is yes. But I must let you know that people are of different sizes and shapes so what is considered a healthy weight for one person is not the same as another person. Being fat or overweight has lots of health problems like;
Sleep problems
High blood pressure
Gallbladder problem just to name a few. The big question now is how to know if you are; healthy, overweight or obsessed? Two test exist

The body mass index.

The body mass index (BMI) is the best and the most effective means to measure your weight and find out if you are healthy, obsessed or overweight .this is how it works mark the square where your weight and height intercept or cross. The color of the square will let you know if you are healthy, obsessed or overweight.

Measure your waist.

This method is also is very easy and helps you know if you are healthy, overweight, or obsessed.
Simply place a measuring tape around your waist to measure its size for both men and women if it exceeds the measurement below it means you are not healthy and you are either obsessed or overweight.
For men…….. 120 centimeter means your waist measurement is high
For women…… 88 centimeters means your waist measurement is high

Why do we put on weight in the first place?

Am guessing this is your next question so let me go ahead and answer it. The answer is pretty simple it’s what get and what gets used up. If you are gaining weight it simply means
you eat and drink more than your body requires or needs ( you eat too many calories that don’t get used up)
you are not active enough ( you don’t make use of the excess energy in your body)
If you want to lose weight the right and healthy way then I must advise you to follow the below steps and I guarantee you 100% result with no after effects why? Because this rules are not only natural but are also achievable even if you lazy as my grandma.

                        Rule 1. Setting a weight loss goal or target.
When it comes to setting a weight loss goal please be realistic .do not set unrealistic goals which will be difficult for you to achieve and at the end make to give up instead. Be realistic I must advise.
what’s you’re right now…………………..pounds (kg)
what’s your weight goal………………..pounds (kg)
Here I advise you discuss this with your doctor to come with a realistic weight goal for you to avoid taking a goal that might affect you in the long run

Target to lose like 5kg every 6-10 week (that’s about 0.5kg-1kg per week). This is a healthy weight loss goal I must confess.
How to achieve losing of 0.5kg-1kg per week
First, let me tell you what a calorie (kilojoules) is.
Food energy is measured in calories (cal) or kilojoules (kJ)
Everything we take in contains calories but some products and foods contain more calories than others. Same as all physical activities burn calories but some burn more than others. So if your body has more calories than it needs it needs.
note: to lose weight and achieve your losing 0.5kg-1kg per week you need to tip the balance so that the “intake is less than the output.

Top Tips

  • 0.5kg of fat =3500calories stored in your body.
  • So in other lose 0.5kg -1kg per week your daily calorie intake needs to 5ookilojoules fewer than your than your output.( physical activities)
  • The way to achieve this is to eat 300-350calories less and try to burn like 150 kilojoules more every day
  • Here is what will happen if you follow these tips seriously not only will you fill more energized you will also achieve your goal.

Rule 2. Healthy eating.

Remember I told you food and drinks are what cause you to be fat or obsessed in the first place. so if you are thinking about reducing weight and living a long and sickness free life you must reconsider what you eat because not everything is good for your health as the saying goes ” not all that glitters is gold” so please watch what you eat ok? So when it comes to eating go for;

  • Colorful vegetables. I strongly recommend you go for all colorful vegetables why you may ask? Because they are low in calories and very high in health-protecting nutrients.
  • Fruits. Oh thinking about fruits makes me think about grandma. I remember how she used to tell me ” fruits are good for you my sweetheart, eat your fruits”. it was only when I came to discovered what fruits can do to us then I realize that grandma was right. A fruit is low in calories and very high in nutrients and keeps you full.
  • Bread, cereals and other starchy foods. they are the body’s main source of fuel and energy
  • Meat, fish, poultry. These include lean meat, lean fish, eggs and other meat substitutes such as dried beans, nuts, and tofu. these foods are rich in proteins and used as tissues repairs
  • Milk and milk products. These foods are high in calcium for strong bones.

Top Tips for healthy eating

  • always remove fat from meat and chicken skin before cooking
  • Try to replace cream with yogurt (use lite’ sour cream dilute coconut cream with water and use lite’ vaporized milk.
  • when using fats and oil remember they are very high in calories so use only small quantities of oil when frying or roasting
  • always go for foods with herbs and spices instead of fat and oil

Rule 3 reduce calories intake

Remember I told you too many calories in your body is what is responsible for you being fat or overweight in the first place so when thinking about losing weight you must take this calorie guy serious.

Did You know

  • Foods with the highest amount of calories are fatty and sugary foods?
  • Even small portions of fatty and sugary food are also high in calories?
  • And also they contribute very little protective nutrients and are responsible for you being fat in the first place.

Think about your foods.

You must be very disciplined with your food if you are thinking about losing weight. it may be very suppressing how many calories some foods contain came out with a list of common foods and their calorie contain just for you. so that the next time you are eating something you may know how many calories you are taking in. if you try to reduce your calorie intake of one day to at least 350cal I guarantee you it will make a big difference.

Think about your drinks.

  • This is another area you must take seriously.
    Set a target of drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day. You can also try drinking tea, or coffee.
  • Always try to avoid sugary drinks like energy drinks, fizzy, cordials, and fruit juice. All they do is add lots of calories to your body without making you full.
  • Try to avoid alcoholic drinks when thinking about losing weight. They are very high in calories.

Top Tips

  • Try adding a lot of vegetables to your sandwiches, hamburgers, and rolls. Avoid mayonnaise, margarine, or butter as spread use instead pickle or chutney
  • Add canned tomatoes, beans, corn or other vegetables to mince dishes.
  • Fresh and frozen are better choices and are very high in vitamins

Rule 4. Burning more calories.

It can be surprising to know that the little movements you make throughout the day can lead to weight loss. Amazing right? Try changing your daily routine and try to do everything within your power, yes I said everything the active way and I guarantee you will be amazed at the number of calories you will burn. You can aim at burning say like 200cal a day by simply adding physical exercise or activities to your day. Below are some activities and the amount of calories you can burn in 30 minutes.

You can also try getting active with someone else. Persuade your children, partners to join you to make it easier.

Top Tips

  • Get walking instead of sitting
    Instead of the lift take the stairs
  • Walk home instead of taking the bus. You can even try cycling home from work.
  • Walk to and fro while talking on the phone
  • always endeavor to park far away from the mall or supermarket
  • Add some physical activities to your day. find any activity you enjoy doing such as;
  • go for a run or walk
  • try taking aerobics classes
  • try participating in kapa haka
  • try to go dancing or swimming
  • Joint any of these club classes martial arts class, gym, or sports club.

Before I conclude this article I thought it wise to write about some top weight loss tips

⦁ never skip breakfast.
I. eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism
II. if you have the habit of skipping breakfast eat your main meal earlier that night to avoid over snaking afterword’s.
⦁ reduce your portion size.
I. avoid eating with larger plates and bowls to limit your eating
II. Eat with a blue plate because it has been proven that people turn to eat less when using blue plates
III. When eating eat slowly
IV. Try filling up your plate with lots of vegetables
V. you need to be careful with sweet drinks and alcohol.
⦁ at social occasions
I. try to have just one plate of food.
II. Eat slowly to avoid overeating
III. Try adding a different variety your plate
⦁ monitor your weight loss progress.
I. keep a food diary
II. Record all your food and quantities
⦁ take your weight often
I. do this every 1-3 weeks
II. Do it same time each week.

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