Best 6 Highways in The World

After travelling to many destinations, the love for road trips, hiking and trekking enhanced tremendously. As, roads and mountains are the first love and regardless of destination, I can enjoy the journey in a way enjoy the view and absorbing the silence. Sunsets, sunrise, the perfect twilight and soothing silence is what a highway can let you experience with all of its glory.  I asked my friends and other travellers to recommend some best road trips to enjoy and here are the top five on the list. I am planning my next tours to the Highways and would recommend it for a perfect holiday thrill. Don’t wait and hop into the car, turn down the windows and enjoy the journey.

  1. Milford Road, New Zealand

New Zealand is the country that provides best road trips. If you’re really a fan of roads and love admiring the beautiful landscapes then, this highway is solely for you to travel. Travel solo or with family but you’ll definitely enjoy the enchanting scenery that makes a journey worth travelling.

  1. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

A shiny day on the Road of Jebel Hafeet Mountain can be mesmerizing. There is an excellent sight line and one can have a perfect journey on the amazing Road. It’s kind of curvy road that also gets dangerous at some corners while turning up. But this is the thrill of Road.

  1. Overseas Highway, Florida

Florida is all about amusement parks, alligators and orange juice. The overseas highway is the most enjoyable highway around the world. It’s known as the Florida Keys.  Enjoy the series and the road connects you to Miami which is an amazing place to enjoy your perfect holiday at the beach.

  1. The Atlantic roadway, Norway

The road is surrounded by the most astonishing landscapes. The most beautiful mountains that are snow-capped in winters give a refreshing journey to the travellers. Try travelling the highway in a rainy season and you’ll have a more exciting view of it and the tour will be thrilling.

  1. Dadès Gorges mountain pass, Morocco

This highway is incredibly mesmerizing, the drive is great, lining the route with astonishing Kasbahs, deserts and other stunning landscapes. Enjoy the scenic ride in Morocco.

  1. Ruta 40, Argentina

Ruta 40, Argentina is the ultimate road experience. The best part is that it passes through many tourists’ sight attractions. People stay and enjoy the sites then move on to their journey. It’s lively and very thrilling.   There are road cafes that one can enjoy during their long Road trip. I think it can be a couples’ haven.

However, these are the top highways listed down by the opinion of different tourists and travellers. I never experienced anyone of them personally (Except the one in Morocco), but I am definitely going to plan my amazing road trip to any of these. Maybe I’ll love to travel through all the Highways. Once you step on the journey, there is only fun and thrill so, never miss a chance of a journey. Enjoy the sun and the quiet nights and let the cool breeze making it more exciting. In case you’ve any other great highways or roads that are worth travelling then let the people know by sharing. Happy Travelling!

Author Bio:

Myself Christiane Teixeira from Ontario, USA. Currently writing for Virikson Morocco Holidays and looking for challenging tours anywhere around the world. I am a passionate blogger who loves to travel and started traveling few years back in 2013 quitting my overburdened job. Though I have been through many countries from Europe, Africa, and Asia there is still so much to explore. It always feels good to know that my travel ideas are someone’s guide to a particular place. I believe that travel is a global citizen and to keep this belief alive, I am here to share my wonderful travel experiences with you.

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