How to Clean and Protect your Persian Rug?

You have spent significantly on your Persian rug, and then is it good if you make use of regular rug cleaning methods for keeping it clean and fresh? Or do we have something particularly like Persian rug cleaning?

Yes, we may have something like that.

Now, if you are thinking why we need to be careful in Persian rug cleaning, then it’s because these rugs are expensive. They are made from natural material and normally, most of the expensive rugs are less durable. That means, you cannot put them in high traffic areas and nor you can use regular home cleaning methods in their maintenance.

Suppose you have an antique Persian rug decorating your floor space then you have to be extra careful dealing with that piece because mostly, it’ll be of a silk material.

In order to give a comprehensive protection for your Persian rugs, your focus should be beyond regular vacuuming.

Best Care Tips to keep your Persian Rug Clean & New

  • Keep out from Direct Sunlight

Whether its summer or winter, you always have to be on your toes and protect your area rug from potential damage. If it’s a bright sunny day then it’s obvious that nobody will prefer closing the draperies or using window treatments. Some vitamin D, everybody would love to have, but practically speaking, it is not good for your area, especially, if it’s placed under a window.


The point is if your Persian rug or any rug is constantly exposed to sunlight then it will fade. And over time it will appear old and the damage will be irreversible.

TIP: If it’s summer then do not keep the area rug near windows. Always use protective window treatments and apply rug protectors periodically.

  • Vacuum Regularly

Whether it’s your area rug, carpet, or upholstery, vacuuming is one the basic and simplest cleaning method followed. Vacuuming regularly, you will keep on the surface soil and food particles from ingraining into the fiber. There will be no structural damage and due to which the area rug will have increased longevity.

  • Rotate the Rug Regularly

Every part of your home will have different moisture levels. If one part of the rug is having maximum exposure to the dampness, then the wear will be uneven.

In addition to that, if your area rug has a furniture leg over the surface, then the traffic will be more on that part and the result will be the same. So always make it a point to rotate your area rug frequently.

  • Deep Cleaning From Professionals

If you have kids and pets at home then you’ll definitely find stains on your beautiful area rug and you cannot avoid that. If you are smart, then you’ll be quick and spot clean in the event of a spill.

Now while doing this, you have to make sure the cleaning agents are non-acidic, but eco-cleaning solutions. After spot cleaning, the surface may appear clean, but this is not a proper cleaning method. You have to take professional rug cleaning services. Only the deep cleaning services can make your Persian rug completely clean and hygienic again.

TIP: Preferably take expert rug cleaning services at least two times in a year.   

  • No Shoe Inside

What’s the point of investing in professionals when you are not maintaining your area rug properly?

Taking professional service will not keep your Persian rug clean forever. It counts on how you maintain things after the deep clean service. It takes less than a minute for your kid to walk over the newly cleaned area rug wearing his dirty shoes. And it takes some more investment to make things right again.

Things can really get expensive if you are not careful and that includes everyone in your home, even your guests.


‘ENFORCE’ a no-shoe policy in your home and it should apply even to your guests. Naturally, when the rule is diligently followed, you’ll see no mud tracks or footprints on your clean area rug.

The Upshot

You have made some good investment on your Persian rug, so you should know how to care. Clean regularly and altogether avoid experimenting with your cleaning methods. Instead, trust experts and particularly, hire Persian rug cleaners for better results.

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