Here’s how to organize a babys closet

When it comes to baby stuff, it can get pretty messy quite fast. Being overwhelmed with clutter will add to your stress as a new mom. That’s just not necessary! If you find yourself lost in a pile of baby pyjamas or socks, it may be time to sort them out.

An essential component to a tidy nursery is establishing a system of organization that is realistic and easy to maintain. Here are a few simple but effective tips to help you tackle the mess.

Your Baby’s Closet

You can make more room in the baby’s closet by storing folded or rolled clothes and using hangers for muslin wraps and other small accessories. You may consider installing a second closet rod on one side to double up space.

Make use of bins to store shoes, toys and books. Be sure to label your bins to make finding items easier. Use closet dividers to sort clothes according to size, type, and season. You can also hang tags to mark each category.

Streamline Everything

To make it easier for you to see everything inside your closet, use clear, transparent containers. You can give each of your open bins its category and place them on the shelves of the changing table. Label each one according to its size and type. Skip the giant toy bin at all costs to avoid having all that stuff stuffed into it.

Adopt the Management rule


To keep everything organized, you need a designated place for everything, and you need to keep everything back in its right place.

Create a basket of towels, baby bath products and keep it only in the bathroom. Have a basket that holds post-bath products and leave it in your baby’s closet.

Use Clips and Hanging Baskets – 


Rather than buying expensive clip hangers, buy a pack of clothespins. Clip the pants or skirts to the bottom part of the hanger to keep those cute outfits in place. Buy small baskets and hook them under the rod to store shoes and socks.

Rooftop Storage – 


Creating a system of hanging baskets on the ceiling can give you lots of storage space while also enhancing their room’s aesthetics. Whenever they are not in use, the baskets hang high above and off the floor.

Shop Storage-friendly Furnitures


  • A crib with drawers is a great way to hide away excess wipes and diapers.
  • You might want to look into a cube system with drawers and doors for storing toys on the bottom and clothes on top.
  • Storage benches can also be used to store bulky items like baby blankets and cardigans.

Use a pegboard


Crafts and hardware aren’t the only things you can store on pegboards. Install one in your child’s room and use it to store diapers, toiletries, socks, and other accessories.

Have a bag in handy


Use a bag to store all necessary items like diapers, a plastic bag for dirty diapers and wet clothes, a small bottle of sanitizer, a pacifier, an extra set of clothes and a few protein bars for you.

Keeping a little more organized will allow you to spend more time with your little ones and keep your sanity.

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