Mobile application Dropbox

Mobile Offline Folder- the latest update from Dropbox

The cloud storage system, Dropbox supports the mobile offline feature and automatically syncs with the mobile devices.The Dropbox is a company that proves file hosting service that gives the users several features like client software, cloud storage, personal cloud and file synchronization. It creates a unique folder on the mobile device and the content is synced with the Dropbox server and other devices like tablets, phones, desktop computers and laptops where the app is installed. All the files and contents of the cloud storage are up to date, on all the devices.

The Dropbox has both mobile and computer applications, the mobile applications are for the Windows, Apple and Android phones and devices while the computer applications are developed for the Mac, Windows and Linux computers. They use the business model called the freemium- so the users get to open a free account with subscriptions with more storage capacity and can get more feature of the application. The application offers two sets of products, the Dropbox Pro and Dropbox Basic.

The Dropbox Pro offers the users with 1TB of data storage, optional extended version history add-ons, remote wipe and advanced sharing controls, while the Dropbox Basic offers 2GB data storage.

Mobile application Dropbox

The amiable feature of the Dropbox mobile application is the feature that allows the app users to have a backup of their photos on the cloud platform and the other features is to access the files stored in it. The second feature is possible only sometimes because the client generally does not sync the files like the desktop version.

Salient features of Dropbox

This is a simple application that is used to store the files and folders in the cloud by simply syncing the devices with the Dropbox server. This is a refined tool to secure all the data like the files, photos, roll back time, documents edit online and other confidential files from the malicious attackers.

Comments to the files

The users can easily share the Dropbox folder; the users must right click on the files or folders they wish to share or simply share the link or invite the other user to join the folder. Because of this new commenting feature of Dropbox application, the users can modify the files directly without using the chat or email service to the files.

The process of commenting the files can also be easy, with the feature on the application or they can log on to the official page of Dropbox, By using both the options, the users can identify the preview of the files with a sidebar; however they can add the comments. The users can include the names of all the team members by using the ‘@’ symbol before the names and the comments will appear. The app helps the users to store all the details relating to the file are safe and found in the same location. All the other users who wish to see the file will see the updated version of the file.

Screenshot sharing

The new feature of the application makes it easy to take the screenshot and share the information with all the others. The application has this feature, and the user has to only enable the feature that is present in the app preference option and the user has to select the ‘import’ icon to save the screenshots.

After this the user can take all the screenshots and it will directly get saved on the storage space, the users can simply copy the link and share it on the clipboard. This link can be shared through the email or chat applications.

Edit MS files online

The users can easily edit the MS office files, without installing the MS Office package with the new integrated features of the Dropbox application. The users can select the MS office document from the device or online and simultaneously go to the to select the package they wish to access and edit the document.

Though, the mobile application does not have the features that are available on the online version, but they can access new features like, adding annotation and comments to the files, formatting the images and texts, crunch the numbers and spreadsheets. After accessing these features, the users can see the preview of the folder or files and send back to the Dropbox.

No installation

The cool feature of the app is the file previewing tool; the users can preview all the different types of files online and do not require any kind of software. The only tool they require is the browser. So, it the team needs feedback on the Adobe illustrator file, the users can use the preview tool without installing the software.

File safety

The users can add a password to the Dropbox mobile application, so that the files and confidential information stored on the device will be safe. The users have the Dropbox Pro version of the app; the users can wipe all the data present in the device, if they lose their mobile phone.

Saving space and Backup images

Because of the MS office editing and the online preview option, the files might occupy only less space on the Dropbox, but if the user wishes to increase the storage space the users can sync the device with the selective sync option from the Dropbox application to store only important files on the device.

The users generally use this application to store the photos and images that are present on the device. The app has a feature called Carousel that is used to organize the photos. The users can find all the photos that they have uploaded on the cloud server and browse the photos based on the location and date of the photo and organize the photos into albums that can be shared easily.

Dropbox makes new announcement

The Dropbox mobile app has extended the functionalities with the permanently assigned offline folder access that is assigned to the users. The users must be aware that this is not complete data sync, but it is an offline access. The users can select a specific file or folder from the app and mark the folder or file as an offline.

The folder will start downloading the content on two different scenarios, the first one is when the Dropbox app is open or the other scenario is when the mobile phone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile data. Therefore, the feature of syncing depends on the use. If the memory card or the mobile phone has the bigger storage capability and will use the local only feature to access the bigger folders and files, but that option was designed because the application developers considered only about the mobile data and limited battery.

However, the feature is only accessible to the users who have subscribed to the Dropbox Enterprise account, Dropbox Business or Dropbox Pro.

So the app announced the new feature that will allow the user to stay on the page even when the device is in the online mode. So, with the mobile offline folder the users can tag the complete folder to have all the contents to sync with the mobile devices like the tablets and mobile phones.

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