Plus-Sized Dressing: New Rules for Fashionable Plus-Sized Women

“Every decade has a body type. The fifties was the hourglass; the sixties was thin. The eighties was the Amazonian woman, and the nineties was the waif. Let us not make it about one body type. Let us have them all, and that should last forever.” -Crystal Renn

Plus-sized women are often under the misguided notion that they are bound by certain fashion standards because they are not a particular size. More often than not, they find themselves to strict style limitations because they are under the erroneous belief that a specific type of clothing would not look flattering on them. However, they should not conform to these fashion and beauty standards as with modern style innovations, plus-sized women can often wear anything and still look fabulous and stylish while doing so. Here are some updated style rules and guidelines that might change your mind—because after all, you do not have to be a certain size just to look fashion-forward. Whether the clothes she may choose are from wholesale dnine reserve or elsewhere.

1.) OLD RULE: You cannot ever wear white

The old rule stems from the belief that plus-sized women would look a lot larger when sporting white. However, when it comes to a flattering figure, fit not color is of utmost importance. Contrary to the assertion that white makes you look larger, you would notice how wrong this notion is when you find the right pieces and the appropriate fit. In the same vein, wearing black does not always automatically make you smaller. When it comes to purchasing and finding clothes for your body type, fit not color, matters. Avoid flimsy fabrics which tend to highlight any of your bulges and pick clothes with structured materials instead as these will provide extra support.

2.) OLD RULE: Button-down shirts are unflattering

With the right style, pattern and fit, button-down shirts complement curves. For a better and slenderizing silhouette, look for a style that has stretch and design details so as to create shape. Styles such as darts, wrapping, and ruching are excellent choices. If you want to amp up your ensemble even further, layer the button-down shirt underneath a jacket, cardigan or a blazer as this achieves the illusion of a smaller midsection and would elongate you.

3.) OLD RULE: Bold prints and bright colors will make you look bigger by calling unnecessary attention to your shape

Like as previously stated, there are no rules when it comes to color—just make sure that it is the right style and that it complements your complexion. Regardless of whether you wear the brightest red or yellow dress, so long as the cut and fit would flatter your shape, it can be surprisingly slimming and would look great with you. However, if you are unconvinced about sporting vibrant colors and eye-catching prints, try your hand with something small at first. Start with small but vibrant details that limit themselves to your shoes, bags, and jewelry before venturing into bigger pieces. Furthermore, in choosing prints, make sure that they are in proportion to the scale of your body. Small prints on a large body may tend to get lost and unnoticed.

4.) OLD RULE: Stripes are the enemy

Plus-sized women often indiscriminately draw the line at stripes under the mistaken belief that it would make them look wider than they really are. Although, this is not without any justification. After all, chunky, straight-across horizontal bands would make you look broader than necessary. However, there is more than one kind of stripe, and some of these stripes will make you look svelter when worn. Stripes are now given a contemporary update to accommodate even wider women. By making them asymmetrical, women wearing them would appear smaller. Choose stripes that angle inward in order to effectively slim your waistline. And while we are at that, go for thinner stripes as these will give you a more svelte silhouette than their thicker counterparts.

5.) OLD RULE: Dressing monochrome is always slimming

While this is a tried, tested and verified rule, dressing only in monochrome colors regularly can easily get monotonous and dull. Add a spin to your go-to style preference by donning on random pieces in a different shade or fabric. By adding textured materials such as chiffon and accessorizing with color, your ensemble will look significantly more interesting. Give your outfits a bit of a color so that you would not appear washed out.

6.) OLD RULE: Baggy clothing will conceal my problem areas

While this might be true, it will also effectively make you look a lot larger and wider, to begin with which is in contravention with the desired effect you want. Show your shape by wearing clothes that follow your curves. Stay away from clingy pieces, but make sure these clothes hit the right balance between flowy and snug—it should have the perfect amount of stretch to give you a smooth and sexy look.

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