Tactical Knives Around the World

The 6 Most Popular and Admired Tactical Knife Around the WorldTactical Knives Around the World

Tactical knives have a very broad definition. Tactical knives were basically used by the military in the past. But today, the term mostly represents the essence of toughness, stealthiest, versatility, and quality all combined. Generally, a tactical knife is expected to deliver the best outputs and keep up with all expectations if not exceed them.

Here is the list of some tactical knives.

Tactical Pocket Knife: Usually, Tactical pocket knives use for self-defense. These knives have a single thick blade sometimes featuring aggressive serrations, and handles are made to fit the hand instead of pretty look. Ideal size for this knife is 7.5”-9.5”. The Blade size is 3”-4” and the handle, normally made of leather or plastic, is 4”-5”. AUS-8, CPM-S30V, 14C28N, CPM-20CV, Elmax etc are the best blade for tactical knives. Some best brands are Smith & Wesson, Kershaw, Gerber, Leatherman, and Columbia River Knife & Tool.

Tactical Fixed Blade Knife: Tactical Fixed Blade Knife is the big brother of the Tactical folding pocket knife. While not favorable for everyday carry like folding pocket knife, fixed blade knife is instead made for defending bigger thread. The length of the sharp blade is 4”-6” and handle is 4”-6.The idea of the entire knife is 9”-11”. 420HC, CPM-154, S30V, Carbon V, and CPM-3V are the best steel for the blade. And Benchmade, Mtech USA, Rtek USA, Schrade, Böker are the famous brand for fixed blade knife.

Tactical Hunting Knife: Basically, A tactical hunting knife is the knife that is used to hunt. But, generally, it is used to cut up and skin game or sometimes to dispatch.

There are both folding and fixed blade knives in Tactical Hunting knives. For folding tactical hunting knives, it is 8”-10” when it is open with 3”-5” blade and 3”-5” handle. On the other hand, fixed blade knife has a length of 9”-11” with 4”-6” blade and 5”-6” handle.

 UHB 20C, CK95, CK101, XC-90, SK-5 are best blades for tactical hunting blade. Besides, the best brands for this category are. RAZOR TACTICAL, TAC Force, Fury Tactical, Freehawk, Coleman.

Tactical Martial Arts Knife: Tactical martial arts knife is a part of history. Now, it is used for martial arts demonstration. Throwing the knife is an art, combat skill, sport, or variously an entertainment technique. There is variety in its length. Sometimes, it is 20 inches with 14 inches blade and sometimes its overall size is 14 inches. 2Cr13, 420, 440, AUS-6, AUS-8, ATS-34 and others are the best steel for these types of knives. Best brands are BladesUSA, Smith & Wesson, TAC Force, Avias Knife Supply, Mtech USA

Multi-tools Tactical Knife: When it is time for outdoor trips such as hiking, camping, fishing, or other kinds of survival outdoor adventures, you should never go without a multi tools tactical knife. Why? When you carry it, you will carry a box with a Detachable magnetic LED flashlight, Glass breaker and seat belt cutter, fire starter, can opener, key ring and others. Ideal size is only 3-5 inches. Victorinox, Swiss Army, USA Mtech USA, Wild Tribe, SE are best brands for multi-tools tactical knives.

Tactical Utility Knife: Tactical Utility knives used for utility or general purpose such as scraping hides, cutting hides and cordage, cleaning fish, butchering animals, and other kitchen tasks. It can be fixed blade or folding.  For largely fixed blade utility knives, the blade is 4-6 inches with 3-4 inches handle size where for small; it varies from .5-3 inches blade with 2-4 inches handle. On the other hand, folding knives have just 1-3 inches length with a small blade. CPM 10V, CPM S110V, CPM S125V, K294, M4, M2, etc is the best steel for tactical utility knives. And when it is the matter of brands, you can trust TAC Force, Victorinox, Gerber, Columbia River Knife & Tool, Sheffield brands.

Overall, tactical knives are the essential tools for its versatility and it becomes handy in variety situation. When you are looking for a blade you can indeed rely on, Tactical knives should be your choice. Goods knives are good knives and there are no alternatives to it.

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