Tips for Maintaining Your Dirt Bike Suspension

You can claim ownership of the best dirt bike suspension in the world, but if you do not understand the tricks of keeping it, you will not know its real worth. Before taking your next ride with your bike, make sure you consider the tips below for improving the performance of your ride.

Fork Oil Height

Adjusting the height of the fork oil will alter the air space amount in the fork thus changing damping characteristics when traveling. Oil addition will stiffen the fork and increase bottoming resistance. Removing oil softens the fork. Subtract or add oil in differences of 10cc until when the desired effect is achieved. You can use a syringe or an air bleeder to add the oil. Removing oil will involve removing fork legs and turning it upside down to drain the air bleed holes.

Greasing Your Headset and Linkage

You need to grease and clean the pivot bearings to minimize wear and maintain performance. A linkage that is properly maintained moves freely with less friction for the best dirt bike suspension to work well. Greasing and adjusting the headset well will give the rider accurate feedback.

Chain Length and Tension

You need to adjust your chain length on a stand which measures about 40mm for not binding when the rear suspension compresses fully. Having a longer base of the wheel will hand you stability on a straight line. A shorter wheelbase will improve turning properties. Running your axle forward will lessen leverage on the shocks and stiffens initial movement of the suspension. In case you want a softer suspension when beginning your journey, you need to shift the rear axle backward to increase the shock’s leverage.

Using Torque Range

Do not over tighten the bolts on the triple clamp as the fork tubes are thin and can distort easily. Check the owner’s manual to realize proper torque specification. Understand that the fork tubes are at similar heights after mounting. The stability and turning of your bike can vary by lowering and raising the triple clamps of the fork.

Maintaining Suspension

Change the shock and fork oil after twenty hours and replace seals and bushings after forty hours. Oil contaminates and breaks down over time causing the suspension to fade when hot. The worn out bushing can cause leakage of seals and friction due to excess play. The best dirt bike suspension of the day uses 5wt fork oil. Shocks usually run at high temperatures and makes use of lighter oil for not breaking down quickly.

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