Useful Tips for Handling a Tire Blowout

Honestly, there is nothing more potentially dangerous than a tire blowout at any speed. Since the drive-safely awareness campaigns have done pretty well, the tire-related crashes have dropped these days dramatically. Thanks to the automatic tire pressure monitoring systems as well. But if we check out the Ariel view of this situation, there’s still a lot that needs to be done especially with regards to the tire blowout.

Even after all the required safety standards and technology advancements, why is the tire blowouts still such a prominent issue? One main reason that experts have been able to highlight is that since blowouts occur rarely, drivers are less prepared to handle them & react properly. In tire blowout situation, how you react can make a huge difference. The very first step is to keep calm and in control of your car.

Driving Through a Tire Blowout

Although, it’s important to maintain your tires properly somehow accidents occur due to some mishaps. In such cases, experts of this industry have suggested some important tips and practices you need to keep up with in case you experience a tire blowout;

  • Make sure you have a firm grip on the steering wheel. Only then, you’ll be able to have enough control over your car.
  • When the tire blows out, you might panic, and the very first thing that’ll pop into your mind would be pushing the brake. Please don’t do that if you don’t want to end up with a horrible car accident. Don’t slam the brakes.
  • Since the steering is in your control and the blown out tire is doing its best to disturb the speed of your car, the car will gradually slow down.
  • You need to take advantage of that speed and steer slowly to get the car off the road once you’ve slowed down the safer speed.
  • After that, you’ll be activating your emergency flashers.

What You Need To Do After Blowout?

When a tire blowout occurs, make sure that you exit the vehicle right away after being sure that you’re safely off the road. It’s imperative for you to let others know about the situation and you can indicate the emergency by turning your emergency flashers on to alert other drivers. After that, you need to put out the reflective cones or triangles if available. In case, you don’t have enough idea of how to change the tire, and it’s advised to call up the roadside assistance or concerned emergency number.

Be mindful that spare tires are only recommended for emergencies, make sure you don’t drive them for long distances or at high speeds. If necessary, change the car tires – there’re a great deal and car tyre prices available online. It’s essential that you take the tire to read the owner’s manual & learn where your spare tire & necessary tools are. By the way, your owner’s manual also has enough information about how to change a flat tire. Moreover, it’s good to be aware of these useful procedures before getting stuck on the midway.


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