Top 10 Things You Do Not Know About Morocco with Virikson Morocco Holidays

A friendly country, brotherly people, first cousin, Morocco is far from being an unknown to us Frenchmen who spend nearly 2 million every year to spend our holidays there with Virikson Morocco Holidays At last, one have faith in. Allah thank you, we quiet have a scarce things to determine, uncommon, funny or simply unrecognized. Sometimes that is not far

We do not change a dynasty that wins

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, comes from a family that has ruled Morocco since 1666, the Alawite dynasty. It is one of the oldest reigning royal families in the world. A little like Vladimir Putin, except that he is alone.

A name that comes from Portugal (that’s okay!)

The French name “Morocco” derives in reality from the Portuguese pronunciation of Marrakech, “Marrocos”. We will never see the Portuguese accent again as before. The local full name would be “Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah”.

Morocco is in Europe. Or almost …

Morocco has 16 kilometers of common land border with the European Union, via Spain and the enclaves of Ceuta (6 kilometers) and Melilla (10 kilometers) located in Africa. No need for a boat from Morocco to Spain!

… But will never do it

In 1987, Morocco tried to join the EEC (European Economic Community). Without success, in 2008 he was awarded an “advanced status” with the European Union (nobody really knows what it is you are reassured you are not alone.) With Turkey, Israel Or Serbia, they could almost make a club of rejected countries!Moroccans, these mountaineers

Moroccans, these mountaineers

We often imagine Morocco for its squares and its deserts. The mountains actually occupy more than two-thirds of the territory. Several summits even cross the 4,000 m mark: Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in the country, peaks at 4,167 m. Looking forward to enjoying Moroccan fondue this winter?

Cannabis Land (you want it?)

The district of the Rif (North Morocco) is the major manufacturer of cannabis resin in Europe (88% of cannabis expended in Europe) and Morocco is even the biggest producer of cannabis .. . of the world! It’s still more peaceful than exporting weapons. And as long as there is Morocco is also the biggest producer of boxed sardines in the world (it is there you will die less stupid)

Cannabis LandNo Marrakech is not the capital.

It’s Club Med that makes you believe that. And Casablanca either. The capital of Morocco is Rabat. But do not worry, there are plenty of other cities in the world that we take for these Capitals ( we made a top of it )

The other country of the French

Officially, almost 46,000 (at 31/12/2013) French permanently reside in Morocco (out of 33 million inhabitants), the fourth French expatriate community outside Europe. The Moroccan rooster, you know?

Will you marry me (freely)?

Moroccan womenfolks are authoritatively permitted to marry spontaneously only since 2004 and the new family code – the Moudawana – a real advance for the country. Homosexuals can always wait. As it was not so long ago in France.

Essaouira, legendary city

Essaouira, legendary cityIf you go one day on the site do not miss Essaouira (also called Mogador in French) on the Atlantic side and its rich historical heritage. It is said that Orson Wells, who turned Othello there, met Winston Churchill. Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley made several stays in the 1960s. Even Game of Thrones recently shot a few scenes on the ramparts of the Kasbah.


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