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Welcome to your journey of healing with John of God in Brazil. Abadiania Web portal: Designed to help you feel the connection to Abadiania before or after your visit. We can help you to visit Brazil and to experience the unforgettable and wonderful moments with your family and friend that you ever feel. Don’t worry about the transportation or travel; we can accommodate all your needs. Through Abadiania Web portal, you can book a flight, and we can arrange a taxi for your airport transfer.

Crystal Bed or Crystal Bath : 

The concept of the Crystal Bed, also known as Crystal Bath Therapy, was channeled through Medium Juan de Dios, who then developed it for practical use and incorporated it as an important modality of healing in its Center Of Healing, affectionately known as the House (“The House of Dom Inacio” in Abadiania, Brazil). Crystal Bed Therapy is available to all visitors to the House and is prescribed for the alignment and balancing of our energy fields, which in turn help in the process of spiritual and physical healing. To get experience, book a session at the Casa bookshop.

There is good news for those who are unable to reach the Abadiania. You can receive treatments nearby your area. To make your appointment, contact at Abadiania Web portal.

  • Whether you want to reserve a room, book a crystal bed or have other queries related our services, please feel free to visit our website

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