Top 2 SOG Tactical Pocket Knife Review

About The SOG Knives

Before you read the reviews of the best SOG Tactical Pocket Knife, I would like to introduce yourself about the SOG brand.

The story of SOG knives began from the Vietnam war. In that time some US special ops unit was carrying a special design fighting knife through the Vietnam jungle on missions. Some years later, a young knife designer noticed that knife and inspired of the blade design.

His named Spencer Frazer, in 1986 he found SOG Specialty Knives. His ambition was to produce a high-quality tactical knife for US special unit. That was the starting period of Sog knives, and now it has become US most prestigious knife manufacturing company.

At present they use to build a lot of knives and other tools. All the products are extremely high quality. So anywhere you are going to hunting expedition or protecting the other innocent people through the challenges of the extreme situation now let it go with the SOG Knives and tools.

Deputy Sheriff Eagle Police Custom engraved SOG Twitch II TWI-8 Assisted Folding Pocket Knife by NDZ Performance

As a survival knife the Deputy Sheriff Eagle Police Custom engraved SOG can be one of the great options. For any kind of multitasking the 2.65-inch AUS-8 made stainless steel can be the perfect one. The steel have a Hardness of 57-60 which express the high sharpness of the EDGE. The folding design blade has a full length of 6.20 but its convert only 3.55-inch when closed. 2.6oz light weight is easy to carry in pocket or with anything else. The 1-ich thickness blade can be perfect for slicing and piercing.

The overall shape and design must attract any passionate user. The handle is anodized aluminum with graphite satin finish give an attractive look to its handle. Smart pocket clip and carry position add some more feature and make it easy to take with. As folding blade need some extra security so manufacturer include insert liner lock which offer full secure use. If you like to go some remote campaign like as surviving in jungle, fishing campaign or hunting then this blade can be your perfect choice. This Deputy Sheriff Eagle Police Custom engraved SOG Twitch II TWI-8 Assisted Folding knife has an excellent performance in various tasks which ensure your perfect survival experiences.

 Seabees USN Navy Custom engraved SOG Twitch II TWI-8 Assisted Folding Pocket Knife by NDZ Performance 

The Seabees USN Navy Custom engraved SOG Twitch II TWI-8 Assisted Folding Pocket Knife is another survival knife recently exposed by the NDZ Performance. They are real blade maker I have used their knife for almost three years and found the excellent quality with eye-catching shape and design. Yes, this one also brings their traditional features which made this one any glorious EDGE. The 2.65-inch blade has a thickness is only 0.1-inch and have a hardness about 57-58. The quality of the blade ensures best slicing opportunities with this knife.

If you love survival journey and campaigning with friends any remote place, then you should know the importance of having a suitable and sharp blade belong you. This one can your perfect company as the blade have an only 2.6oz weight with an overall closed length is 6.20-inch which made this knife easy to carry and for everyday use.  Handle made of 410 stainless steel with Black Oxide finish which ensures the maximum durability and perfect grip on the 3.55-inch Handle. Insert liner lock and speedsafe increase the safety use of this sharp EDGE. This USA made SOG Knife also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict

I know it’s not easy to find a best tactical pocket knife for any newbie who searching for a quality knife but does not have any good knowledge about it. In this case I will suggest him to think about these two knives.


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