The Toxic Effects of Internet Abuse among Kids

While the internet comes with many benefits, there are some serious drawbacks of using it as well. This is especially of concern when children are exposed to internet without adequate monitoring. If not properly looked after, children have a tendency to develop an addiction to the internet and many social media sites which will eventually get out of hand. Too much unsupervised internet can lead to internet abuse which itself has many toxic effects if not monitored adequately. Some of the serious toxic effects of internet abuse among kids include:


Unlike school yard bullying, cyberbullying has a tendency to go unnoticed easily. This is especially because cyberbullying can take up many forms and attack from various angles such as hateful messages, body shaming and many more. Most of the time, these usually go unnoticed by the parents while taking a serious toll on the kids’ psychological and emotional health. Parents are usually unaware of what is happening on their kids’ social media sites which makes it all the more difficult for them to decipher their kids’ uninhibited attitude towards various healthy activities such as socializing with friends etc. However, with the help of monitoring applications this can be reduced to a large extent. Monitoring applications help parents keep an eye on their kids’ internet usage and social media engagement hence catching early signs of trauma and misbehavior in order to avoid long term issues.

Drug and Alcohol addiction

While selling drugs online directly is a bit difficult but research has found some online forums where different drug cartels tend to recruit their sales people with children being the easiest of targets. The drug and alcohol industry has grown many folds over the years hence making it highly difficult to infiltrate and destroy from within. Kids’ of tender ages are usually attracted to the prospect of earning a good enough stipend by just smuggling merchandise however they eventually get hooked to it as well in the process. In other case scenarios, kids’ are exposed to online content which advocate drugs and alcohol in a favorable light making kids’ attracted and eventually driving them to acquire it. However, it is recommend to parents to use monitoring applications to keep an eye on their kids’ internet usage and know who they talk to and keep in touch with. Moreover spying application also help parents see what their kids are involved in and watching these days hence putting sanctions on any unfavorable material.


Adult websites have proven to be a serious internet hazard in the recent years. Parents are usually concerned about their kids’ emotional and sexual growth which can be tainted due to these adult websites. Kids’ are impressionable creatures hence a single wrong impression can prove toxic for the rest of their lives. However, with the help of monitoring applications like TheOneSpy, parents don’t need to worry about their kids going through these adult websites especially because they can put blocks on them which mean the kids won’t be able to access them at all. Monitoring applications allow parents to put filters which can also be in the form of complete phrases which then help block these sites from opening up.

Violence and uncensored material

The internet is full of violent material which will not be censored for your kids’. Such sites and content can prove fatal to your child’s emotional upbringing. Violent games have been scientifically proven to induce aggression in children and can seriously affect the kid’s emotional development. Kids’ are highly impressionable which means in many cases they would want to copy the content they see online and eventually try it out in person. But how will you know whether your kid is downloading such material? First of all, child experts suggest placing some search filters which would automatically block such content from opening up in the first place. Secondly, with the help of monitoring application you can monitor their internet histories and keep an eye on what they are recently interested in which will not only give you a better idea about your kids’ interests but will also notify you if any serious interventions are needed.


The best part of monitoring applications is that as a working parent you don’t have to keep a constant eye on your kid’s online activities. You can remotely access all their gadgets and prevent any toxic effects of internet abuse to creep in.

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