The laptop case has a special compartment that further protects the laptop. This may be an ordinary soft cloth that protects the body of the device from abrasion, or hard inserts that can save the gadget from damage during compression and even fall. What to choose?

The bag is the most common and versatile format, which in principle does not require a special description. If you need an accessory to transport and protect your laptop, take the bag and you will not make mistakes: it will be appropriate in the hands of the student and the office worker; it can be worn in hands or thrown on the shoulder with a long belt.

A laptop compartment is just a small part of the internal space of the bag; there is a place for documents, magazines, phone, tablet, etc. As a rule, there are bags and pockets on the outer surface, in which it is convenient to store keys, flash drives and other small items that should be constantly on hand.

The main advantage of the backpack is the ergonomic design, thanks to which the hands are free, and the load is evenly distributed on both shoulders. In a backpack, you can comfortably carry even heavy and large 17-inch laptops, while simultaneously using the tablet or camera.

That is why those who often have to travel a lot – students, journalists, merchandisers, etc., prefer them. The only possible drawback of the backpack is the youth-sport style; however, if the comfort is more important to you, knitted on the back of the jacket, such models are definitely a good choice.

The term portfolio is well known not only to schoolchildren, but also to all those who need to impress their colleagues and others – managers, lawyers, managers, etc. If this is your case and come to negotiations or meetings with a formless texture bag is inappropriate – a stylish portfolio is just what you need. In the assortment of the catalog, there are models of polyester, natural or artificial leather – for every taste and purse.

Case in most cases is a small flat suitcase made of solid material (aluminum, plastic, etc.). Case looks no less solid than a leather portfolio, and if you prefer an aluminum model in high-tech style, it will once again emphasize your innovation and commitment to modern technology.

In terms of day-to-day operation, cases are the most reliable way to protect a laptop from accidental damage when dropping due to rigid construction. Well, and the code lock, which comes with the most expensive case, will provide additional protection against spontaneous theft.

All of the above-mentioned laptop cases are quite versatile and self-contained accessories that can be fully used not only for laptops, but also for any other, size-related things. But the soft case acts solely as a lightweight shell, which is capable of protecting the laptop, except from small abrasions.

Moreover, some models of covers are not even equipped with handles for carrying, so for a long time transporting a laptop in such a case you will need another bag or backpack. On the other hand, if you just need to walk a few tens of meters from the house to the car and from the car to the office, then the case is the optimal option.

A travel bag / suitcase – as is clear from the name, intended for the transport of laptops during long trips. It is with this and their related features: practical nonmarket materials, additional protection for the compartment for the laptop, comfortable pullout pens, wheels, shoulder straps and the compliance of the dimensions of the limitation of airlines for the transportation of hand luggage.

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