What is Web Hosting, Types and Features of Web Hosting? Strictly Beginners Guide

You might be reading this information for one these reasons: you’re a blogger looking to get a self-hosted website or an aspiring business owner thinking to build a website your own or a professional wanting to learn website development. Let me explain in step-by-step what is web hosting and why it is required for a website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows businesses to launch their website on the Internet and make it accessible for users. Web hosting companies are service providers who provide space on a server to host and store your website. Most hosting companies need your domain in order to host your site with them.

Hosting plans offered by web hosting companies package monthly data transfers, storage, email, website builder, and other features.

Types of web hosting

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Virtual private server (VPS)
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Cloud Based Web Hosting
  • Self Service Web Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

In this, shared hosting and dedicated hosting are the most preferred hosting services.

Shared hosting:In shared hosting, you will be provided with a hosting server that is shared between many companies. In other words, you’ll choose the server that is shared between you and many other websites. In terms of cost, it is good for small businesses. When it comes to drawbacks, you are not allowed to install modules and programs on the server that are required to run your web scripts. And even you may often face security issues with it.

Dedicated hosting:

Compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting is pricey, but it is powerful. Other top benefits of dedicated hosting are enhanced performance and security, the ability to customize server elements like CPU, RAM, disk space and software, and the ability to get your own unique IP address.

If your site does receive a high traffic that e-commerce sitesget and needs SSL for credit card processing, then dedicated hosting is the best you can go with. Even most of the technology companies, including mobile apps development companies mumbai, choose dedicated web hosting to host their websites and be secure from attacks.

Features that Web Hosting Plans Include

Web hosting comes with various features to help you build and host your website. Most web hosting service providers don’t cost you much for additional features. The basic features that come with basic web hosting plans include email accounts and website builder, like WordPress.

When it comes to email feature, some hosting plans provide you unlimited email accounts, but some plans, with a bit more price, offers unlimited account creation. If you need it for blog, then I feel you don’t need an unlimited plan.

And also while choosing between the plans, make sure you’ll get 24/7 customer support – if not by phone, then at least by chat.

When it comes to server operating systems, Linux is the default OS that come with most of the web hosting servers. Choose Windows if you have a certain server-side applications such as SQL Server or a custom application written in .NET that need Windows.

And also make sure you’ll get uptime stability. If your site is down, customers won’t be able to view your site properly, so to avoid this, make sure your service provider provides a good uptime support and keep your site up and running.

Top 5 Hosting Service Providers

I hope now you got a clear idea on web hosting. Now let me provide you the list of top 5 web hosting companies you can choose between:


HostGator is one of the most preferred web hosting service providers. It is easy to use and it offers Weebly site-building software. Its customer service is good.

$10.95 MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Sticker Price)

1 & 1

1 & 1 is affordable and specially known for offering top website-creation tools, excellent support, and impressive uptime. If you need WordPress, this is the best option you can go with.

$7.99 MSRP


Choose InMotion, if you need good uptime,solid managed WordPress options, money back guarantee and unlimited emails with any plan.

$10.95 MSRP


GoDaddy is lovable on the basis of features including website building tools, uptime, and excellent customer service.

$3.49 MSRP


Hope you got almost of web hosting. While choosing between, compare changing price and features and even support they offer.


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