Will Writing Help With Estate Planning?

Will write up a will save you money?

It will if you use a qualified and professional service.

Professional services are available for both individuals and businesses. In addition, you can use a will writing service provided by a lawyer or other licensed professional.

Will write up a will save you money: online 

You can pay a fee and have the will drafted by your selected solicitor, then have it completed and submitted to the court by mail. Other reputable firms also offer online will writing service by post. If you opted for a face-to Face service, the will writer will normally make an appointment to visit you in your home.

Will write up a will adequately provide for your beneficiaries?

 It is advisable to seek legal advice from established solicitors. The majority of solicitors will be familiar with the proper procedures to follow when executing a will. Applying for a will is not something that should be undertaken lightly. It is important to consider all of your options, including those recommended by experienced professionals in the field. 

A will must contain information specific to your state and county, as well as any additional details defined by law. Some states allow the will to be altered, while others do not. It is advisable to research the laws in your state and county prior to making any changes to your personal wishes. Once again, it is important to conduct adequate research into your Executor’s capabilities. 

Who are my beneficiaries?

Only someone who is legally valid on all sides of the will can legally inherit the property allotted in the will. The name of the decedent must appear, as well as anyone who was a beneficiary under the prior marriage, children, or any other person listed under title or devise. Anyone who is named as a co-owner of the property in question must also be named in the document. A will cannot be altered once it is executed, unless it specifically limits the authority of the executor.

What type of witnesses will I need? 

Your execution will require two witnesses: one to confirm that the deed is indeed legitimate, and another to attest that you made to the document in good faith and within the jurisdiction of the courts. These witnesses will be asked to examine the document and verify its contents, as well as their identity and ages.

Do I have to include a Living Revocable Trust?

While some people choose to include a living revocable trust when completing a will, other individuals may want to leave some parts out, which is perfectly fine. The decision will ultimately come down to your particular circumstances.

If you don’t wish to name your estate as beneficiaries, you may want to omit this section of the bill entirely, or simply state that your intentions are not to name any of your estate beneficiaries.

How should the state receive my will?

Once your will is completed, it will be opened and filed with the appropriate county clerk, where you will be assigned an agent to handle the distribution of your assets. Some states allow for the distribution of your belongings and properties immediately after your death, while others may take a certain amount of time. You will have to determine what method you prefer, and what your local laws require.

Why would it be advisable to use codicils?

A codicil is simply a legal method of recording your intentions with the state. It’s very similar to having a will, but instead of using a pen and paper, your wishes are written in a legal document. While not necessary, it’s recommended that you use codicils for your will, particularly if your wishes are to be recorded or officially recorded. In addition to being more difficult (sometimes requiring a lawyer), they’re not recorded with the same frequency as a will.

What should I do if I can’t afford a solicitor? 

If you can’t afford a professional lawyer, it’s still advisable to use a solicitor. Many solicitors offer “pro bono” or free legal services to those who can’t afford to hire one. However, there are limits to the free services; especially if you’ve been negligent in collecting your pension or social security payments, you’ll most likely not be able to submit a valid case to court. To protect yourself, you may wish to use a lawyer, or you may consider taking out a loan with your solicitor.

Are there any other advantages to using a writing service instead of a solicitor?

In the world of estate planning and probate, having a will prepared by a professional can save you both time and money. While there is no substitute for good legal advice, it’s possible to take advantage of certain options that wouldn’t otherwise be available. For example, many will writers will provide the added benefit of an accountancy service, should you choose to make changes to your plan.

Even if you decide not to use a will writer, it’s important to hire a solicitor anyway. You never know when changes are going to be required and leaving your affairs in the hands of others could prove disastrous.

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