Holiday Home Makeovers: Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped in each other.”-Burton Hillis

As we welcome the most wonderful time of the year, it would only be apt to bask ourselves in Christmas cheer as well. In this regard, to fully immerse ourselves in the festive season surrounding us, we should appropriately decorate our homes. After all, what better way to celebrate the advent of Christmas and be in the atmosphere and ambiance of the holidays than giving our flats a little of that Christmas spirit as well? So, to commemorate the holidays and give our spaces a cozier and merrier feeling, here are some home decor tips you can integrate into your condo in Pasig or elsewhere.

  • Utilize candles

While they can be considered fire hazards (just ensure they are kept away from anything that might catch fire), candles are an excellent way to add a classic touch and foster a joyous mood in your homes. To make them more appropriate for the season, choose red, green and white ones and have them beribboned with gold and tinsel. Add a sophisticated touch by ensuring that the candles you use are of varying heights.


  • Change your throw pillows and blankets

While there is nothing wrong in using ready-made festive pillows and blankets, incorporating your own kind of DIY magic on them would make them look more elegant. Replace the cotton covers of your throw pillows with knit fabrics and chunky textures. You can even go the extra mile by using velvet fabrics and patterns like plaid. Be season-appropriate by ensuring the colors you choose are in line with the holidays.

  • Switch up the art

Take a stroll in the flea market and you would notice and overabundance of holiday art—especially during the last vestiges of November. Choose some inexpensive but classic ones that match the season and hang them all around your homes. If you wish for these art installations to become a more permanent presence in your home instead of a seasonal one, choose ones that have holiday touches such as silver and gold trimmings but can be utilized for the entire year.


  • Have a hot cocoa bar

Christmas is the season of eggnogs and hot cocoa. After all, what better way to warm up during the colder seasons than sipping on a cup of hot chocolates sprinkled with holiday marshmallows? In any case, set up a hot cocoa bar in one corner of your living room and decorate it with festive items. These should be functional as well and not purely decorative so that when you are entertaining guests anytime during the holiday season, you can simply pour them a cup of their holiday drink of choice.


  • Make your homes smell like Christmas

Sure, you can give your home that holiday feels visually but if you wish to truly integrate the feeling of the warm holidays into your home, take it a step further by playing with aromatics. In this regard, you should make your homes smell like Christmas as well. Apply holiday appropriate fragrances into your home by summering a DIY holiday potpourri on your stoves. Some of the essential ingredients you would need are cinnamon sticks, pine, citrus fruits and the like.

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