Motherhood is the happiest moments of every woman. Being a mother is not easy at any time. Women have to go through all the difficulties during her pregnancy period. Having a baby is the wonderful moment in the world. It is not surprising that your new baby requires your attention round the clock. When you are a new mom, you keep a sharp eye your baby. So, it is worth to say that you will not have sufficient time for managing the things around you. You are responsible for your baby from feeding to changing diapers.

Some of you might have started your daily routines without a perfect plan. As a result, you don’t get enough time for your stuff. Apart from caring your baby, you should spend the time to take care of yourself. Most of the new mom doesn’t have time to even eat, brush etc. Improper sleep also becomes the part of your pregnancy. As you know that how important it is to maintain your health, you should follow self-care tips every day.

Take sleep : 

One of the most common advices for a new mom is to sleep when your child is sleeping. However, it is difficult for new mom to get sleep at a specific time. If you find it difficult to sleep, you can just take rest while your baby is in the bed. You can spend this leisure time in an effective way that makes you happy. For instance, you can listen to music; watch new movies, read a magazine etc.

It is known that you can’t do a difficult task like cleaning room, lifting up a heavy weight, cooking etc. In such cases, you may need an assistant who can help you out in any regards. By listening to melody music and watching nice movies, you will feel relax for few hours. As you are a new mom, you may always think about your baby’s future like your baby’s aim, behavior, and all other stuff. So, in order to divert such thoughts, you can just close your eyes and take rest for an hour.

Exercise : 

Importance of exercise is known to everyone. During the post-pregnancy period, you are not supposed to do heavy exercise. However, it is recommended to practice very light exercise that makes you healthy. Just get away from your bed, walk around your garden and get some fresh air & sunlight. This way, you will really enjoy yourself or you will get relaxed at the least.

The light exercise involves dancing, stretching your body etc. Enjoy your daily exercise with your baby. You can do baby curl, Reverse baby curl, Baby overhead curl, baby bench press etc. These baby exercises make you feel so good. You can do these exercises whenever your child is free.

Yoga & Meditation : 

A lot of people know how important it is to practice yoga during pregnancy. But, do you know yoga is also essential for postnatal recovery. Yoga not only helps with physical recovery but also helps to maintain emotional level. Some of the important yoga postures are such as modified Navasana, kegel exercise, camel pose, Rabbit pose, Bridge pose etc.

Find Friends : 

Finding a group of good friends is an effective way to stay relaxed. Being alone is not a cup of coffee for everyone. You will need a good company to share your feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. Good friends can be a great stress reliever. So, keep on getting new friends to get your feeling shared. Communicate with other moms at churches, malls, meetings, hospitals and wherever you go. You can ask other moms like how to manage the things, how to save time, How effectively they spend leisure time etc.

Stay positive : 

Enjoy each and every moment of your motherhood. While you are feeding your child, just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just try to smell, feel and hear everything around you. Did your baby make sweet sounds? Does your baby cry? Can you feel your baby feelings? Do you really know when your baby is hungry & thirsty? Can you feel your warm baby’s hand near you? Well, you don’t need the experience to answer all these questions. But, it is really possible for every mother in the world. stay confident & positive. Give your baby a beautiful life.

Ask for help : 

Whenever you need help, don’t just hesitate to ask others, it may be your spouse, friends, family and whoever. All you need to do is interact with others and let them know that you need help. Well, you don’t want strangers to help you but it is easy to ask your neighbor. As you are a new mom, the neighbor may help you a lot.

You can ask your soulmate to pay attention to your baby when you are taking rest or walking around your home. Get an assistant to help you with cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, laundry etc.  Let your spouse watch your baby for an hour so that you can take a walk, shower or sleep for some time.  Take care of yourself.  If you are tired, you can ask your spouse to make a cup of coffee for you.

Healthy Diet : 

Eating healthy diet throughout the day will effectively regulate your metabolism. Keep in mind that, breast milk will depend on what you eat and how much you eat. Eating fresh fruits, nuts, green vegetables are really good for your health. You should consume vitamins, proteins, and mineral enriched food so that you can feed your baby throughout the day.

A perfect diet includes salmon, lean beef, legume, Blueberries, orange, brown rice, Leafy green, egg, whole grain cereal etc. Also, make sure that you are drinking at least 9 glasses of water daily. Inadequate water can cause dehydration, which further results in stress, headache, fatigue etc. For the new mom, it is good to take 2 liters of water daily. You can try fresh fruits juice like orange juice, Apple juice, and Pomegranate juice.

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