Tips to Choose the High End Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen is the heart of every home to enjoy the pleasures of cooking. In Dubai, there is a whole new way to craft the master design for your kitchen that stimulate with design and innovation. The best way is to explore German kitchens famous worldwide for their precision and high quality. High end German kitchen design always considers aesthetics and functionality of equal importance and approaches both with the same level of innovation. They feature high end furniture of latest engineering techniques merging cutting –edge hardware and striking design. Home owners in Dubai can match personal style and taste with these kitchen elements thereby bringing their dream kitchens to reality with stunningly beautiful results.

What makes your kitchen furniture high-end

Luxury kitchen furniture are those  built to the highest standards and that feature all the latest technology – soft close drawers, clever corner units, progressive door hinges, space optimising carousel units and a host of other features that make your kitchen look beautiful and making it work beautifully too.

The technology found behind the cabinet doors, whether it is front pull-out or inside pull-out, it should be in the right place at the right time. High end kitchen furniture should have both innovative and ergonomic features, making your kitchen function and look the best for the years to come.

How to choose high end furniture for your kitchen

  • As kitchen cabinets dominate fifty percent of your kitchen, the aesthetics and quality are the major considerations. Though kitchen cabinets provide storage space, if you are seeking high end kitchen furniture, you need to look out for something more than just functional and accessible, but also beautiful and durable. Some cabinets may appear good, but will lack quality and will not be durable. You can see the difference when they suffer dents, scratches, closure issues.
  • For luxury custom kitchen cabinets, you need to look for high grade, solidwood as opposed to medium density fibreboard. The latter in spite of its smooth surface will not stand the test of time.
  • Shelves and doors should have at least ¾ inches of thickness.
  • Ensure that your cabinets have mortise and tenon joining whereby the framepieces, stiles and rails are joined with long tenons and deep mortises. This will last longer than glue, nails and staples.
  • Look for cabinets made of German hardware and engineering techniques. German engineered products are world renowned for their quality, design, functionality and sophistication.
  • Check for the drawer mechanism as it should have durability and smoothness of operation under your desired use. Drawer fronts and bottoms will be closely attached and fronts will not pull off with succeeded opening and closing. Bottoms will not get decline with weights.
  • You also need to see whether they have soft-close fittings on drawers and cabinet doors.

High End German Kitchens in Dubai

You have a vast array of high end German kitchens in Dubai – Poliform Vareena Kitchens in Dubai is considered the premier German kitchen brand. Others famous German kitchens are SieMatic Kitchens,  Hacker German luxury kitchen, Leicht kitchen, Doca kitchen, Nobilia Kitchen,  Team 7 Kitchen, Matteo Gennari Kitchen. The high end German kitchens feature customizable design solutions with over 2000 colour options and a variety of finishes. Choose high end German kitchen furniture for your home that is brilliantly developed, manufactured using the industry`s leading quality control standards.

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